Whisky consumption has reached a pretentious state, much like wine.  You have people coming around and teaching you how to drink whisky properly and I think this video says it all.  The people who come around “teaching” should find out if the the person consuming the whisky is drinking it for enjoyment or appreciation.

I have some people telling me that adding ice or mixer is a blasphemy and I tell them “to each his own”. However I think one should appreciate a whisky before embarking on enjoyment.  I know how Jack Daniels tastes like, I know how Yamazaki 12 and Laphroaig 10 taste like.  But if I choose to put water or coke after that, its purely for my own enjoyment. Do not come around and say “that is not the way to drink whisky”. Stop being a pretentious dickhead and you are not even drinking it out of a nosing glass.

Kinda like you have plain rice and you can choose to put soya sauce or curry on it.  But you don’t have people going around and telling you that it is blasphemy to have plain rice with soya sauce or curry on it.

But if someone who hasn’t tried any whisky before and starts dumping mixers in them, then I would suggest to them that they should give it a taste first then determine how they want to enjoy it afterwards.

So for the knowledgeable ones, before you start sounding like a pretentious dickhead, just check if people are drinking for enjoyment or appreciation. That will teach you when to shut your trap (which helps with the enjoyment) or impress people with your knowledge.