Why do you need a Wacom tablet?  Because it helps you save time IF you know how to use it.  Before you rush off to the store and buy the most expensive one available on the rack, I shall share my experiences with the 2 tablets that I have used.

Wacom Product Photography


Being a tablet noob, I started with a tiny little Bamboo Fun. The Bamboo series is really good for beginners.  Its not heavy, its not too clunky and it is simple.  You’ll be thinking, this one doesn’t have pen sensitivity.  And I’ll be asking you, are you a painter?  If you are then yes, you can worry about pen sensitivity, otherwise its something you can overlook.

The only thing about this tablet is that the plastic tip will wear off faster because the board just feels so hard.  As a beginner, it didn’t affect me, after all it was my first tablet and I was more than good enough for my work.  Ergonomically, the pen isn’t as comfortable to hold compared to the Intuous 3.

Wacom 03


Now this fella, the Intuous 3 is a totally different feel.  The pad is not hard, it doesn’t feel like you are taking a rock and scratching it across a concrete floor like the Bamboo (this is grossly exaggerated but you get my drift).  This baby is soft and smooth, the pen has a softer feel to it and the tip doesn’t wear off.  I have been using it for a couple of years now and I still haven’t changed the tip!

The tablets come with a mouse which I think is useless.  I rather grab the mouse that I have paired to my computer.  I also never use the buttons on the tablet because my left hand is always on the keyboard as I do my work.


I used to think bigger was better. But after I got the Intuous, I kinda missed the size of the Bamboo. I didn’t need to move my arm just to reach the other corner of the screen and I normally zoom in to the image to work on it anyway.

Good thing I didn’t go ahead with an expensive purchase with a bigger tablet.  It really depends on you as a user. If you are lazy like me and only wanna move your wrists, then get a tablet with a smaller pad.

Ideally, I would like a Bamboo sized tablet with the Intuous feel.  But that doesn’t exist anymore because Bamboo has become a touch pad with a stylus!

Wacom 04