A trip to Bangkok without food is just incomplete.  40 baht noodles and street food awaits you when you arrive in Thailand.  A place chock full of tourists? SKIP!! Do note that most street side stalls open in the evening, if you want something like this during the day, you will have to find a regular stall or the food court.

You will be able to find the usual sugar, fish sauce, chilli flakes and chilli sauce at all tables, together with free flow tissue papers.


The image above is Ba Mee Geow Moo Dang.  Which is basically what Singaporeans call Char Siew Won Ton Mee.  40 baht off the street, delicious and found almost everywhere. BKK-2014-15

This is Kow Gai Tod, which is fried chicken rice.  If you want white chicken rice, its Kow Man Gai.

And as usual, 40 baht for my breakfast.


If you really wanna indulge yourself a little bit more but don’t wanna fork out too much.  Head to any MK restaurant, their ducks are tasty and a must have.  MK is a suki / steamboat restaurant so it will be kinda weird if you just order the duck.  Maybe you can order some vegetables to boil to look less retarded.



I seriously have no idea what this is called.  I followed my friend and his ex-colleagues to this joint at I DON’T KNOW WHERE.  I do know its along Wireless Road and a street called Soi Polo. The place actually sells Ba Mee but yong tau fu style.  Dirt cheap too.  His ex-colleagues ordered this bowl of SIN and I couldn’t stop eating it.  This is a whole bowl of pig fat!  Totally heart stopping.


RCA Fried Chicken, my favourite fried chicken joint.  I hope they didn’t put cocaine in it because I am addicted to it and I LOVE it.  I buy this most of the time, unless I’m not knocked out at the side of the road or staggering back to the hotel.  KFC? FUCK IT.  Popeye’s? FUCK IT. Texas Chicken? FUCK THAT TOO.  Here you get to choose the parts you want and it tastes heavenly, especially after guzzling down whiskey the whole night.


We rode down to Phuket and I texted my friend who has a business there.  Where can I find good western food?  There should be loads of western food at Phuket because it is chock full of foreigners.  He tells me, go to Rosco’s Bar & Restaurant, order the 450 baht grass fed steak from Australia.  I did just that and I enjoyed it.  The fat was buttery and I didn’t bother dipping into the sauce.  The owner is Scottish with zero Scottish accent.

I had more food and it was mostly Thai food.  Good food is available almost everywhere, just walk down the street and try the different stalls.