Where do I start? I can write about Bangkok the whole fucking day.  I LOVE the place.  But this series is about my ride there, so I have to hold back.  After all the drinking, I have to remember what I did.

Ah yes, first thing we did when we arrived in Bangkok after a 13 hour ride was to go to my watering hole – SLIM (Siam Live In Motion).  What a way to arrive in Bangkok, aching body and butt.  First stop is to quench our thirst with some whiskey.



After 5 hours there, we went to find a hotel (Yes, we didn’t book a hotel).  Got ourselves a room and proceeded to fall into a liquor coma.

The next morning (or afternoon), we had to decide what to eat or do.  Because we go to Bangkok so often, we don’t have a schedule.  Fuck shopping and hanging out at touristy areas. So we decided to take a trip down to Harley Davidson Bangkok.  And bloody hell, the shop looks like Pull & Bear compared to the pathetic Kawasaki showroom which looks more like an pharmacy displaying green motorcycles.




There’s even a cafe upstairs

Loads of sportsters, just one street glide and I’m not sure if I saw an electra glide.  A lot of apparel, accessories, kits and stuff.  Harleys cost more in Thailand than Singapore due to import tax, but the Thais seem to buy more sportsters because it is cheaper and a “beginner” Harley to own.  But Harley just doesn’t appeal to the Angsty Man, which is pretty obvious why.


BAM! Random photo of a chick from SLIM

Kawasaki showroom however was a major disappointment.  Clothes were behind a glass cabinet and didn’t have stock when we asked for it.  There were no accessories and they didn’t even have my bike model on display.  I rode past the rows of bikes available for test ride and I could see the employees and customers standing looking at my bike and wondering where my bike came from.  Fuck this joint.  We went for oil massage at Sukhumvit…by trannys.

After the massage which was surprisingly good, maybe because they are men and they have more strength.  My friend and I agreed that we will bring a pair or 2 of normal underwear for the next trip because we don’t wanna be seen as a cheapo while we were changing out of our disposable underwear, just in case the tranny happens to come back into the room.  What can we say, we’re socially responsible and image conscious even on the inside.