After staying at Oliver Hotel, we proceeded with our journey up towards Bangkok which is about 1,001km away (that’s what Google Maps says!).  I really do not like riding through Southern Thailand, especially through Chumpon.

Chumpon has given misery to me twice while riding through it. The roads there have been damaged by floods and I always feel that it is testing my motorcycle’s suspension whenever I ride through it. Once, I fell into the knee deep waters.  Another time when I stayed at a hotel, there was a thunderstorm and the hotel’s power got knocked out.  Not only that, the t-shirt I was drying out on the balcony flew off to some other location and a staff had to climb to help me get it.


Woke up to see this @ Chumpon

If you are riding through Krabi and manage to hit on a rural road (Garmin says so!), you will have the chance to test your motorcycle’s top speed.  Even though the chances of people crossing the road or cows coming out to greet you is much lower, please do not lose your focus on the road.

You might hit a bypass road which is almost the same as the rural road but more traffic.  Enough tarmac to clear in quick time but not ideal for top speed run.


Hello there, long quiet road @ Krabi

I don’t know why people like Krabi, its awfully boring to me.  That said, any place where I see loads of tourists is a turn off for me.  Island hopping with hippies and ang mohs? No thanks.  Monkey / Tiger / Elephant show?  No thanks.  Beautiful beach but full of tourists? No thanks.  However, I stayed at Centara Anda Dhevi Resort & Spa and I liked the size of the room and comfort of the bed.  Angsty Man could laze in that hotel the whole day.


Nice and quiet.  I like @ Krabi. But touristy spot. Meh.

Ok so, back to Chumpon.  Or rather what lies after it.  You will touch Prachuap Khiri Khan, the Thais just call it Prachuap.  Here you will find Kui Buri and Hua Hin. If you want real peace, quiet and next to the sea, Kui Buri is the place to go.  Hua Hin is still alright, it has foreigners but not so much an infestation like Phuket or Pattaya or Krabi.  Mainly because there are no flights to Hua Hin or Kui Buri, you have to get there by car or rail.  Hua Hin is nearer to Bangkok so naturally more people stop there.  But Kui Buri is so so so so quiet (or maybe I went during the off season).  There is this expensive hotel called X2 that I haven’t tried, nor is there a reason for me to try… yet.  But from the photos it sure looks like a really good place to disconnect from the world, just don’t go there during monsoon season.

During my ride up, the temperature was down to 20°C at Hua Hin. Bloody cold to an Angsty Man who is used to 29-32°C  Too bad we weren’t stopping there for the night, we were just about 2 hours away from Bangkok and it didn’t make sense to stop there just to ride to Bangkok the next day.