Usually I will go for rides during the middle or end of the year,  but this year I took my first january ride to Bangkok.  The weather has been good there in December and I was praying that the weather stays in January, and it did. It would average about 18 to 20°Cin the early morning and go up to 24 to 27°C in the afternoon.  Much better compared to the 29 to 32°C I get in Singapore.

BKK 2014 01


Now a little history of my rides. I rode up to Thailand for the first time in 2006 for Songkran and I used a Honda Super 4 VTEC (Spec 3).  Later I changed to a FJR 1300 and rode up to Thailand again, both destinations were Phuket.  In 2011 I bought another FJR and I rode up to Thailand alone, 2 times, one destination was to Bangkok and the other was to Chiang Mai.  After the FJR and I went swimming in a flood and me destroying the clutch to get out of it, I changed to a Kawasaki GTR 1400 Concours.  I went up to Mae Hong Son with it and this time round to Bangkok.

BKK 2014 02



On a normal trip, I would leave Singapore at midnight, arrive at the border around 8am and stop at Hat Yai at about 9 to 10am.  But its time to do something more logical.  For this trip, my friend and I left at 8am, rode at an average speed of 140km/hr, arrived at the border at 6pm and checked in at Sadao instead of riding a further 1hr into Hat Yai.  This resulted in a much more enjoyable ride, more things to look at, less tiring on the body and we could stop and rest during normal hours.  No more 200% concentration on the dark road that is only lighted up by my headlights!

Our stops along the North South Highway are :

  1. Gelang Patah / Machap (Top it up to full for a start)
  2. Seremban
  3. Sungei Perak
  4. Bt Kayu Hitam

BKK 2014 03


For those riding to Thailand for the first time, here’s a list of stuff you should know :

  • The Thai border operating hours is 5.30am to 11pm (Thai time).  Which is 6.30am to midnight (Malaysia and Singapore Time)
  • You just need your passport and vehicle log card.
  • Stamp your passport (Pay 2 ringgit) then proceed to clear your vehicle at the other counter.
  • You can buy insurance at Sadao.  9 days will set you back 150thb.
  • Unlike air immigration, the visa given for land immigration is just 14 days. DON’T OVER STAY.
  • If you are leaving from another border (let’s say you are riding to Cambodia), let them know.

BKK 2014 04


My friend and I decided to cruise at an average comfortable speed of about 140 to 160km/hr. He rides a Harley Davidson Street Glide so he can’t go really fast anyway.  And we are feeling kinda old so anything about 180 isn’t that thrilling anymore.  The only time i do go over 200 is when some car comes up behind me too close.  I just open the throttle, overtake everyone else then move to the left and let the fella pass.

Moving of on a weekday is a good idea because the roads are less crowded and you avoid the tourist clusterfuck at the Thai border.