Takahiro Kinoshita 木下孝浩, Editor-in-Chief, POPEYE. The stylish Asian man not many can match. You know why? Time for some eye training. What did you see when you view all the images? Bet only some manage to notice. Wanna take another look?

Here comes the answer. Image 2 to 12 spotted him wearing the same piece – blue striped jacket. With trouser and another with tailored Bermudas. Then he pulled off a striped T-shirt and jacket combo! Look at the pictures. You don’t have to get many different clothes to look good. At least it is a comfort for us, to know that Mr Takahiro loves repeating, and then tweak a little.
By now you would have realized in Image 13 – 16, spotted him with the Dark Blue Jacket. Look at how he pulled off with just changing his bottom or just simply change his staple shirt into t-shirt. He does preppy effortlessly. Next comes my favorite – Cardigans. Look at how he rock the cardigan and shirt combo and completes the look with a skinny tie (tucked in).

Oh look out for his shoes.

He doesn’t wear much accessories to make any statement.  That’s the reason why i like him, simple, preppy and true Japanese reflection of what minimal means.

I’d watch Mad Men if they dress like him. LOL!

 I like traditional style that’s authentic — Takashiro Kinoshita via J. Crew