My first trip to Taiwan Capital – Taipei. It was unexpected, well, it was a delightful yet disappointing trip overall. We were told Taiwanese food is the main highlight. I think it doesn’t really suit my taste bud though – too oily. So that’s the part that loses points. But for shopping, yes. It’s a pretty conducive place for me to spot the style i like. More about shopping at the end of this entry.

November is beginning of winter season in Taiwan. That only happens on the 1st day. Remaining 4 days of the trips are above 30 degrees. So much for winter wear. We ended up perspiring throughout the rest of our trip.


Taipei - 017


Highlight – BEAU Bar

I had a hard time looking for a decent drinking spots at 11:30pm around Da’an district, taxi driver drove me to some sleazy spots which have some guys generally sitting in rundown bar. It just doesn’t feel right with me.

I know I needed a drink and chill badly, so google map is my friend for the night.

Taipei - 039

I got Midori Notebook Kit at Kinokuniya@Ngee Ann City. Expensive but fun to have!