Our very first HB Collective review by Ah Pek, Angstyman and Onkel. 

Ah Pek recommended Shukuu Izakaya to us, because the main highlight is so irresistibly cheap. Sapporo draft beer for $5.50 (330ml)

What’s the crowd like in Shukuu Izayaka?

Onkel: I also see men in office wear and then got OLs inside seated. Quite crowded during weekdays. Smart formal type of settings. But sibeh noisy one I tell you. But once i down 3 mugs Liao, I also as noisy as them.

Ah Pek: Normally afterwork crowd seeking to unwind over drinks and food. More guys than ladies IMO. Would love to see this ratio inverse in future for obvious reasons. I mean, who doesn’t like eye candies while chilling out.

Angstyman: Working adults. Sometimes noisy, sometimes not so noisy. Is it really not so noisy or I am getting deaf?


What’s the price of food there?

Onkel: There ah? The cheapest I see is 3 dollars de Onigiri. Nice la…but I tell you. $3 for a riceball is like boh hua. Most ex I think is the skewered Beef, $9.50. 3 pieces of wagyu meat poke into 1 satay stick. Damn good, but I always chew and cry, cos my money fly away.

Prepare to pay $50 per person. I mean food and with beer la.

Ah Pek: Price of food quite reasonable. Beer is $5.5 per mug and chicken wings go for about $4 if i remember correctly.

Angstyman: The beer is definitely friendly on my pocket, going at $5.50 each. The Gyu Don will set you back $10. I would say not too expensive, not too cheap – if you have income. Bo income then I suggest don’t drinking, save money. $5.50 can buy you a very decent chai png.

What do you recommend readers to eat there?

Onkel: For value wise, order the Oden bowl $9. Inside is like Yong Tau Foo 5pcs of something in soup. Please Google to check what Oden is, Uncle explanation no good.

Second is the Hot soba, $6. Eat Liao and drink beer. Fill your stomach. I very giam siap one. Just spend the money on beer.

Ah Pek: My fav is the chicken wings, roasted nicely on the outside to give it the crispy touch yet well cooked inside to maintain the succulent meat. Go with the beer, buay pai. Jin song. My other fav are the hot soba and the Wagyu beef (aka sex beef, our own lingo, cuz it’s better than sex)

Angstyman: I think my favourite would be the Gyu Don, with their generous amount of oil. Next up will be the Wagyu Beef which we renamed “Sex Beef”. Why sex beef leh? Because when we ate it, we felt it was better than sex.

Either the beef is really good or our sex sibeh fail. High chance its the latter.


Onkel: Service is good, because we also very nice. Always smile and say thanks kew one. Attentive staff and overall comfortable to chit chat with them. Their food Suggestions also quite spot on.

Ah Pek: Friendly vibe and great service which explains why we’ve been going back regularly.

Angstyman: Not bad lah, I don’t go often enough to be so “cooked” with the staff there, I don’t expect them to call me by name. It is a friendly place from the 3 times I’ve been there.


Giam Siap = Stingy (Hokkien)

Boh Hua = Not worth it (Hokkien)

Cooked = 熟 = Familiar (Mandarin)

Shukuu Izakaya

8 Stanley Street

Monday to Friday : 11:30AM–2PM, 5:30–11PM
Saturday : 6–10:30PM
Sunday : Closed

Shukuu Izakaya