We are happy to review Shoe Tree Singapore.

Atticus, Co-Founder of Shoe Tree Singapore sent a package to Angsty Man. And then Angsty Man pass 2 pairs of Shoe Tree to Onkel and Ah Peh. Shout out to Guys from Shoe Tree Singapore. Thanks man!

While we’re at this topic. Please bear in mind, your expensive leather shoes are not meant for daily wear.
Those who daily wear, then all the more you should have a pair of shoe tree. Get at least 2 pairs of shoes.

Why buy a shoe tree?

Ah Pek: Unless crumpled shoes are part of your style or your leather shoes are not made of real leather, I would strongly recommend a good pair of shoe trees. Particularly more so if your shoes costs more than S$300. Shoe Trees will help maintain the shape of the shoes

Uncle: This is a perfect fit for expensive shoes. You see, your shoe cannot solve it’s own problem. But this simple instrument can get leather shoes back in shape even prolong longevity of your shoes, its quite scientific actually. We may discuss it another time. (or maybe not…too mafan)

Another point to add, if your combined shoe collection is $300 onward. You are justified to buy a pair of shoe tree at almost 1/10 price of your shoes. Your shoes will thank you.


Uncle: Attention to wrapping given to each shoe tree. Care was taken to simple details is commendable.

Ah Pek: The product came in a durable bag with the address label on it. Inside the shoe trees are wrapped in a few layers of bubble wrap to prevent damages from any impact. Nothing fancy like Japanese packaging but it serves its purpose. If you’re all about packaging, then give this a miss…. Buy from Prada or LV

First Look

Uncle: Initial look of the pair of Shoe Tree. The first word that came to mind – humble. But that is what I expect to see. I mean, function is more important. Feels and smells good. Fresh Cedar used.

Ah Pek: Product looks well constructed and they feel solid. At this point of writing, i owned a pair of shoe trees previously bought from Muji. Material wise, these feel just as good IMO, doesn’t have the cheap wood feeling. (you know like some hollow ikea wood, aka karate board). The significant weight adds to it’s solid feel.

Overall, the shape, colour and finishes makes it look quite professional. Can pass of as those expensive shoe trees you buy from boutiques.

Some major features of Shoe Tree Singapore

Biplanar Pressure for Complete Maintenance

Uncle: Having Biplanar pressure is a joy to have for a shoe tree. Better than full toe trees, it overstretched my shoe.
So let’s see how this product performs.

Gentle spring recoil on split toe as I applied pressure with my hand. That means split toe portion (the interior part of your shoe) does not force leather of the shoe to form. It is a gentle progressive process.

Durable Cedar Heartwood

Uncle: Yes, Cedar is considered the best wood in Shoe Tree market. Very happy to see reddish portions on wood. The center reddish portion of the wood is most effective for shoe trees to absorb moisture, feet perspiration and odour.

Ah Pek : The wood finish feels smooth, both on the top/bottom and the sides. The “SHOETREE singapore” words are not ink label but actually engraved into the wood. Am pretty pleased with the fonts and the quality of the engraving.

Ornamental & Functional Hardware

Ah Pek: Comparing to my Muji tree that doesn’t have a knob, this knob makes it easier to carry the shoes around after you insert the trees into your shoes. It also makes it handy when you hang it out to air dry them near the window.

The golden knob and extension rods however, could be a little more polished to minimise the hairline scratches IMO. Overall, no complaints.

Uncle: I like the knob, makes my shoe look aesthetically good. Knobs are functional by simply holding my shoe with the knob between index and middle finger.

I agree with Ah Pek, finishing on knob and extension rod (spring loaded twin tube…chim) can be improved.


Personalized Fit

Uncle: Guys from Shoe Tree Singapore have a system of asking for my shoe size. They needed to be sure, so the tree can fit into my footwear and do its work, plus point on thoughtfulness.

Not only that, having accurate shoe size will also prevent disappointment then leading to product exchange. Make sure you get the right size. Any bigger will stretch your shoe. Smaller than your shoe, it will not be effective.

Ah Pek: Had a pleasant experience of Shoe Tree sending me an email with a printable shoe sizing attachment. Printed it out and measured my feet size accordingly, sent the attachment back.

Upon delivery, the size was very close to what i’ve provided in the sizing attachment, hence fitted my shoes very well. Saves me the hassle of doing a refund.

Without Shoe Tree


Ah Pek: Here is my shoe without the shoe tree. Have left it for about 1.5 months without any shoe tree (due to my constant travelling). You can see the deep crease is starting to form in the center part of the shoe.

With Shoe Tree


Tried it for about a week. What i like about this shoe trees are the extendible sides at the “Toes” part. My Muji ones doesn’t really stretch them out fully. If you look closer, you can see the sides being stretched out. Also, the deep big crease is starting to smooth out. Probably have to give it some more time and polish it more with my Saphir Renovateur


Uncle: You see the shoe without TLC from shoe tree and maintenance. So sad. Look at the crease! So paiseh to show you all. When put in Shoe Tree. Wrinkle will un-crease itself. Depends how serious your shoe condition is.


After 1 week of parking my shoe. I used Saphir Renovator and abit of shoe polish to work into the leather. Basically, general form of my shoe looks better. The obvious crease (second picture) improved. Do note, shoe tree and maintenance goes hand in hand. If you notice the leather surface is showing wear, please tend to your precious ok?

Exchange Policy

Uncle: This is the best part of the deal. It helps buyers to have a piece of mind during purchase, in case you have bought the wrong size or for whatsoever reason. I have to commend, this factor is a very valuable attribute for this company.

Pay only for products you can use.

ShoeTree Singapore

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