This guy basically took classiness to a whole new level. Shoe shining sial. A seemingly small task yet so much pride involved. Fwah, feel damn motivated to shine all my leather shoes after i see this. (Even that old pair of cheong swa army boots). He even wore a suit, tailored some more.

Shoe Shine Suit

How much more pride can one have and I’ll do another article on tailors later.

Anyway back to our topic. Having seen so much pride oozing out, you can’t really help but try to replicate the exact steps. ( you can say copy la, I don’t care. Wait you see my shoes shining, you’ll also want to copy. I bet you do, always look secretly but pretend nothing. Think i don’t know? ) So ya, the steps :

  1. Wear the suit first, to breathe style……
  2. Brushing to remove dirt
  3. Apply Leather Conditioner – All skin needs nourishing. (Leather is cow skin ma, like you also buy moisturizer to use. Same same)
  4. Apply colour Cream – if your shoe is brown, put brown pls ah.
  5. Brushing the colour in with some brush flipping. If cannot, flip, try again. Key is to look stylo.
  6. Use cloth with water and rub throughout the shoe to allow the colour to absorb
  7. More application of colour cream with cloth
  8. Brushing with a bit water
  9. More polishing using cloth with water

Tools he used:

  1. High quality shoe brush (Most are made with goat’s hair, plenty online)
  2. High-Shine Glass Water Dispenser (Refer to the hanger’s project site shared below)
  3. Leather Conditioner
  4. Cloth (Any T-shirt will do)
  5. Colour Cream
  6. Shoe Tree

Shoe Shine Dispener]

Remember just a little bit of water will do. For those who needs alot of water, you may purchase this instead

Shoe Shine Hot Water Dispener

 Happy Shining and may you shine like the stars in the universe.