Everyone owns a smartphone and not to feel naked, one will have a smartphone cover, either as protector or aesthetic purpose. But what about a smartphone stand, that grips your phone firmly while charging or make video call to your friends or loved ones without holding the phone.

Kickstarter – SETA Stand:

I have been searching for a smartphone stand that holds while charging and suspend at a viewing angle on the desk when I doing my work. I know that there are plenty of stands out in the market but if you are talking about a simple design yet elegant, not many. SETA stand is made of aircraft grade aluminum, light and strong and comes with several colors (black, silver, red, white etc.) The stand comes with the pending patent T-Channel cord holder, prevents the cable from falling off your desk. Well, don’t worry about Apple Lighting Cable, it still hold even it is small and compact!

If the engine is the heart of the car, the NanoSuction pad is the heart of the SETA stand.

It synthetically emulates the adhesive qualities of gecko feet. There are two pads on the stand, one that hold your smartphone while another on the base that secures to flat surface. I’m impressed by the NanoSuction pad, its suction strength is amazing and it does not have the sticky feel or touch. I have been using it since iPhone 5 till iPhone 6, almost 2yrs!.  SETA mentions that it can grip around 70% of the cases and it does not work well on silicone rubber cases and textured ones like the OtterBox and LifeProof. Not to worry, if you apply an extra SETA pad (extra NanoSuction Pad included), it will work.

Ok…I mentioned that the pad still grip my iPhone after using for almost 2 years. But of course, it would gradually loss its suction once it is dirty. Then how ah?? 不要怕! There’s a way to solve it! As suggested by SETA, clean with clear tape or damp paper towel and let it air dry. Well, I use wet tissue to clean it and it can be done within a minutes!

Below are the comparison pictures:

Left: Pad with dust on it, Right: After wiping with wet tissue

Overall, the stand is light and strong and not to mention about the magical NanoSuction Pad technology. The stand is mainly for smartphone and for those tablet users, SETA has launched a tablet stand too!