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Yuya Hasegawa, the man behind this ASMR shoe tutorial clip. CEO of Boot Black Japan and owner of Brift-H. I remember this clip was played in 09/10.

Indeed, like Ah Pek mentioned in his post. Mr Yuya Hasegawa brought shoe shining to a new level of class.

He was on odd job on daily basis before he became unemployed, then he picked up some shoe shine equipment at 100yen store. That’s the beginning of his career. But it has been a long winding journey for him. He was (illegally) polishing shoes in the street during weekends and working full-time. Until he chanced upon an opportunity to conduct a shoe shining presentation, on a table top.

It was a totally different experience, he mentioned. Placing shoe on the table top and work his stuff. Shoe owners can now observe how his own shoe were being polished. And that, became fascinating sight to behold. Liken to a sous chef decorating a meal or master Jiro Ono working out his sushi on the counter top.

“We aren’t merely shining shoes,” Hasegawa said. “We’re washing the leather, dyeing the leather, removing stains and adding new colors. We want our customers’ shoes to be reborn.”

Yuya Hasegawa had his place in the world of shoe wear, not for shoe shining skills but repairing cracks on leather shoes.

“To give shoes a bright polish is relatively easy, but we’re the only place in Japan, maybe in the world, that can remove cracks in leather.”


His style – with those colours, it works for him and varies the type of fabric. His sense has pretty much of British – Japanese inspired. Formal smart type, quite a traditional dresser actually. He rocks casual as well, typical Japanese have great dress sense anyway.

Stick to what works, looks best on you and improve from there. Be inspired and give yourself a chance to try new things.


Today Brift-H have 3 outlets. Each having different interior concept.

107-0062 Tōkyō-to

5 Chome−10−5
Tel: 03 6892 2014
12-10pm Daily

PAN Minami-Aoyama 204

Minami-Aoyama 6-3-11
Tel: 03 3797 0373
12-9pm Daily (closed on Tuesdays)


5 Chome-31 Minami 2 Jōnishi TERRACE2-5 1F

Chūō-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaidō 060-0062
Tel: 011 271 0505
12-10pm Daily