For those who are very particular about leather care (Especially if you have expensive leather goods), you will want to give this product a go. I chanced upon this while searching for good leather conditioners for my new leather bag. I’ve tried a few brands prior to this, but somehow or rather, they didn’t match up to my expectations.

Bought a couple of brands from the local shoe departmental stores like Aldo, Takashimaya and wisma. Here’s some of my conclusions from using other types of leather conditioners:

  1. Greasy finishes, Esp when it’s expose to the heat in the sun. It feels greasy.
  2. Removes colour (When you rub it with a white cloth). Conditioners aren’t supposed to remove colours
  3. Doesn’t absorb well. I guess this varies from the type of leather

After the disappointing results, i spent some time searching online and found out about Saphir Renovatuer through a shoe forum discussion. Pages after pages of blazing reviews praising it. I had my doubts, but ordered a bottle to try it anyway.

It comes in a nice thick glass jar, unlike plastic bottles sold by most other brands. Has a solid feel to it.




A look inside. It has a pleasant smell too.


Applying it to the bag

The first thing i noticed when i applied it, was the smoothness of the texture on the leather and the absorption of the cream.  (You can feel and see the subtle differences, whether or not the leather absorbs the cream well). Tried it out on the following products:

  1. Wallet
  2. Bag
  3. Shoes
  4. Passport holder

And here’s my conclusion:

  1. Non – greasy finish. Doesn’t “Melt” under the sun and you won’t get the oily feeling.
  2. Absorbs well for most, if not, all leathers
  3. Can be used to removes small loose particles, previous polish products embedded in the leather
  4. Cleans, shines, and polishes well. You can use it either as a cleaner or conditioner
  5. Doesn’t remove colour, unlike other cream
  6. Do not contain any hamful silicones or petrol products found in other common brands
  7. Contains useful nutrients to nourish and moisturizes your leather products, keeping it supple

Currently into my 3rd bottle now. Highly recommended if you’re serious about leather maintenance.

It’s also used and recommended by some of the most prestigious luxury brands, including: Louis Vuitton, Burberry, John Lobb, Hermes, Berlutti, etc. So I guess this speaks for the quality itself.

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