I enjoyed reading Angsty Man addressing the pretentious way of drinking Whisky.
It is best to say i am not a Whisky connoisseur. Whatever, I am just sharing a few notes about the Whiskys I’ve tasted. Yes, back to Angsty Man post. Water or Ice? Sometimes its Neat.

Johnnie Walker – Green Label

Very delightful from start till finish.

Very gentle peat, fruity ends. Friendly to my taste, she seemed intimidating, but once you get to know her. She’s easy going, pleasant to hang out with. Sadly, I was distracted by the others. Ahem. I always turn back to glance at her.

Would love to meet her again.

Uncle note: I recommend drinking Neat (Undiluted) first, then add 1-2 piece of ice after that.

Johnnie Walker – Blue Label

Ah hah! Here we are, with the legendary Blue Label. Every men desire to have.

Starts high strung and sharp. Ends complex and smooth.

She is like every mens’ trophy; educated, classy, high maintenance type. As for me, she’s simply not easy to get along, difficult personality. I need to train myself to tame her. It’s too tiring.

Uncle note: I would add water.


So far, Japanese Whiskys are not my cup of tea.

IWAI is mildly peaty from start. Mild and finish with after burn. There are some reviews that mentioned IWAI Whisky tasted very similar to Tawny Port or Brandy. I don’t know about that.

I tried talking to her, Boh link. So after a shot. I moved on.


HIBIKI Whisky, I’ve tried and didn’t like it. But for this Japanese Harmony. I’d say, it’s not bad!

Quite peaty, fruity and spicy finish. Unfortunately, with the people drooling over Hibiki, I can’t seem to appreciate.

She reminds me of the secondary or varsity school belle, guy will swoon over. While she expects me to be like the rest. I happen to only treat her as a acquaintance. Say Hi and walk away.

Uncle note: On the rocks and water please.



Actually I don’t really remember how it tasted. I only remember it’s alright. Not my cup of tea though.

I’ll be back.


This is my favourite among the Japanese Whisky. The only one I can drink it neat. I have secret to share, i favour Blended over Single Malt.

Started off beautifully, Light and fluffy, ends with “what happened, what did i drink?” takes another sip.

She’s down to earth, but I don’t dare to venture further. Suspect quite a roller coasterish ride. I manage to talk to her, she seems really nice. Too eager to please. Not interested.

Uncle note: Start with Neat, next add 1 piece of ice. 


Looks exquisite.

Smooth, creamy. Enjoyable from start to finish.

Maturity really plays a part in meeting. She knows all the tricks, the buttons to press. Pleasant conversation but nothing further. I wish to know her better.

Uncle note: Neat. 


This is a fun drink! What a surprise!

Note of seawater.

Taste with hint of salt. Sharp and burny for a start. Ends with grape or some other spirits.

She doesn’t look appealing at all. If you know Taylor Swift MV – You Belong With Me. But there’s so much good inside her. Good to journey along. Always go find her when I’m my friend’s place (he always stash a bottle).

Uncle note: Do this drink Neat! Let the glass sit on your palm for about 5 minutes. A bouquet will birth, extremely fruity, sweet and slight floral.  


I’ll come back and update on this whisky.

Uncle note: Add 1-2 pieces of ice.