First 6 hours of gameplay.

Mostly catching the creatures my room. I finally ventured downstairs to find the pokestop. But I can’t connect to it. Not giving up, I tried to walk around my playground, still could not connect, until a good 10 minutes. I finally gave up.

But there are 3 merits in this game:

Good for People Who Don’t Exercise

Hear this out potato coaches, it’s your time to slim down yo! For those who dont like to head out and walk around or people who don’t exercise, get your ass up and succumb to this form of exercise! Your time to slim down has come!

Although, granted , Pokemon go makes me feel so stupid…but this is so compelling!

Face to Face Interaction

Another point to note, I think this game will cause more positive interaction with strangers. Singles take note. It’s your chance to meet nice people who shy away from bars and cafes. Your potential partner is a game away. Play the game and let the girl come to you. Woohoo.

Then again you’re more glued to the phone than your surroundings. Uncle advise you. Is if you see the girl damn napshot and your type. Put the damn game down and go for it. For girls, same lah.

Say bye bye to #foreveralone and be #lonelynomore

Day 5 of gameplay

Educational Walk

Pokemon Go made me realise my Neighbourhood has got so many things I didn’t even know it exist. It’s like making Sahara desert look so exciting and fun!

And Pokemon Go is very educational. Last time Teacher never teach you Singapore geography right? This game got teach one ok?

And before you come telling me people play this game are getting accidents and falling over. Sorry ah, this type of people you are talking about is Super Kong Kum.

Conclusion: Overall This is a fantastic idea, I have to give it to Pokemon Go man.

But Uncle think Hor. He will uninstall the app when he reach level 15. Getting mundane Liao. Let’s see, Uncle will write  a after thought post.

“Kong Kum” or “Kongkum” is a Hokkien phrase. “Kong Kum” is a nicer phrase to use and is equivalent of Kum Lan or Boh Nao.

Though not commonly used.

“Kong Kum” is meanings Never use brain. Stupid.