So the Pokemon Go app has hit the shores of SG. The kids who grew up playing Pokemon are mad excited about it.

A little history about Angsty Man and Pokemon, THERE ISN’T ANY. Pokemon appeared at a time where I think I was playing FF7 on a Playstation instead of a kiddie RPG on a gameboy.

It doesn’t help that people are sharing videos of the crazy people running around catching Pokemon and causing mayhem, sure says a lot about the state of our world now.

But Angsty Man is someone who will try almost anything once, just to see or understand what the hype is about.


So the first thing that greets me during registration is the app asking for my age. Does it matter? Its for statistics isn’t it? Otherwise I cannot think of any other use to ask for my age. So I did a quick search and saw this.


People my age are really not interested. GOOD.

Next up, they give a warning.


No shit Sherlock.

After setting up my character, it is finally time to start catching Pokemon!!!

The app immediately shows that I have 3 Pokemon around me.


I look around, walk a little, roll my eyes, decide that its not worth the effort and close the app.

Pokemon Go is obviously popular but definitely not for my age rage.  I didn’t grow up catching Pokemon so naturally I am not really excited about it at all. I don’t even need an app to get me to exercise or walk around, but it seems like a lot of people are gonna be like that.

Pokemon Go 4

I’m not even sure if I want to give the app another go, but I think uninstalling it is a better option.

If I had to give Pokemon Go a rating. Then using the scale that if you don’t catch a Pokemon is bad and catching a rare Pokemon if good.

I would give it a : I’ve got better things to do with my life. Like catching MONEY, play football and PS4 games.