Introducing the Reebonz for gamer guys : PLAYe
This is THE shopping app for games, toys and accessories.

Recently they just rolled out an offer to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. Spend $150 and get $100 cash back!


Needless to say I made my pre orders for FFXV, Battlefield 1 and Watch Dogs 2. The bill was $174 but I got 3 games out of it.

Like most things, the PLAYe app has some faults. It is slow, troublesome to browse and the back end is not entirely smooth running.  All these although irritating, can be ignored because of the benefits of signing up with them.

They give loads of cash back offers, they have linked up with almost all the game shops in Singapore thus making it possible for you to pick up your stuff at the store most convenient for you.

So if you’re a gamer and you didn’t know this app existed.  Then this is the app for you!

Visit the PLAYe website