Like Angsty Man said, there’s absolutely no relation of my time with Pokemon. I think when Pokemon was hot, I was in Arcade playing my Street Fight Zero SF Alpha and Marvel Super Heros. Last time, in Arcade, you use 50cents can last 45mins to 1hr for a game. When got challenger play with you. Best, you get more fun and prolong your playing time, that was when i could clock 13 Wins.

So when the Pokemon craze arrives Singapore. Regardless of how i criticised it. I think it’s only fair to give it a try.

Note to every kid and adult. This Pokemon Go app is 163MB. Unless you have loads of excess data in your mobile plan. Don’t download using 3G/4G. Go download the app at home or in office.

Downloaded, loading screen seemed slow. Ah hah!!! Finally can Sign Up liao.

I typed date of birth….01011990. Proceeded to type out everything….then tell me enter valid date. You should have shown me the date template. Not my fault. NB.
Onkle plays Pokemon Go. Ohh i feeling so young.

Another bummer. If Onkel cannot use never say earlier. Now Onkel becomes HBOnkel.

Sibeh Loh soh….During the bummer process, i almost want to give up loading this game…but neh mind. Relax and carry on.

Yay! I got greeted by Prof Willow. Hello Prof Willow. Can i get started already? His dressing sibeh hip, i like.


Ok choose my style. I was deciding between Minato or Naruto color scheme. I choose Naruto style! Rasengan!

Oh i’m given Poke Balls. Nice.

Caught the first creature, Charmander. Now up Level 3 liao. So far I just do static hunting inside room. Good night world. I will do a second review on Pokemon Go game.