For someone who can easily go for a Mookata for less than 200thb, I was unfortunate enough to be dragged to the overpriced version in Singapore.

I never understood the Mookata obession with some Singaporeans. Some say its fun to BBQ and stuff things in the soup at the same time. Seoul Garden has been around so why the excitement over a concept that isn’t new?

So the Angsty Man is with his other half at a place he doesn’t want to go, which makes him a Grumpy Man.

Mookata 1

I step into the restaurant, it was warm and some had extractors that wasn’t working which smoked up the inside.  Feels like Thailand, NOT. If anyone can tell me it feels like Thailand, hasn’t been any Mookata joint in Thailand.  The menu arrives and I gawk at the price.

The Mookata I know is buffet. What is this a-la-carte bullshit?!?!

I order beef, she orders pork and we have some fish balls and vegetables. The grilling pan was big and probably good for 3 or 4 people to share. It also comes on top of charcoal,  I understand if this concept was for the outdoors but indoors just doesn’t make sense to me, Grumpy Man becomes F*cking Grumpy Man.

The food was alright.  The beef was marinated nicely, the portion was enough for 1 and a half people. I didn’t taste much of anything else, probably due to my tastebuds are immune after being bombarded by Ajinomoto in Thailand. Or maybe I just didn’t want to be there and my tastebuds decided to shut down.

The bill arrived and I gawked once more. It costs me 10 times the amount of a buffet Mookata in Thailand!

Here’s the fact, the meat tastes better in Singapore BUT I wouldn’t pay 10 times the amount for it. 3 to 5 times more, yes, but not 10 times.  I’d rather have a buffet where its cheaper and I can sit around with my friends without feeling like we are burning a bigger hole each time we order more food.

I know cheaper buffet means cheaper meat but Mookata in Thailand is equivalent to our steamboats at Marina during the 90s! We went there, enjoyed the gatherings, ate crappy meat but none of us complained.  Ultimately the social aspect of Mookata is for a group of people on a budget to gather and socialise. I don’t feel that in Singapore, I’m too poor to afford this.

Will I try any other Mookata in Singapore, the clear answer is NO.