My history with this McDonald’s branch is quite blurry. I stay in the east yet too far to go to East Coast Park often.  But it was THE McDonald’s of East Coast Park.

I had some free time so I went to the newly opened McDonald’s located at Marine Cove. They reopened recently (2 July 2016) and apparently they have a salad bar.

There was ample parking space but probably a different story on weekends. What used to be a small playground has now upgraded to a much bigger space for kids to run around and play.


The photo above is just one section of the playground.

As I walked closer to McDonald’s, I saw that there were other eateries around the area. I saw Coffee bean and Hill street coffee shop.


It was close to noon and people will still sitting outside, sibeh warm. At least there’s lots of seating space but like the parking space, I think its a different story on weekends.


Wah! Really got salad bar leh! But I buay gian. It was gonna be my first meal of the day and I wanted MEAT. You can choose to be social abit and order from the counter or you can be anti-social and order via the touch screen. Seems like fast food restaurants are taking this route nowadays. Then you wait at the counter for your number.


So I see these gadgets on the table, I die die must sit there and see what it is. You can charge your phone here but its not on all the tables.  This is good for all the Pokemon Go players.


I ordered the CLASSIC CHEESE WITH ANGUS BEEF. The box that came with is looks more classy that the default ones. I think it cost me about $8.90


I took a bite and thought… ok la, mai hiam. Its a fast food restaurant, can’t expect much from McDonald’s.

In the end, I prefer my double quarter pounder with cheese.  The beef for the ATAS series is ok but not something that I would die die want to have if given the opportunity.

For the decoration wise, its very spacious, which means its good for kids but not good for me since I hate kids. There were kids smacking the white wall which had some video displayed on it.  I was hoping the wall would fall due to the smacking.

I still prefer the old McDonald’s. The new place doesn’t feel homely, doesn’t have the skating queue.  The interior design is modern, spacious but its like every other hipster joint.  I hope the new McDonald’s will be one for the new generation to grow close to.