There are many scams going on right now in Singapore and they are mainly from China. But one of the older scams is the wechat scam.

The lady will ask you to buy some sort of card for her phone via the machine, then she disappears. Classic.

So I got a message today :

coco : hi

AM : Hello

coco : hello (say again dunno for what fuck)

coco : where are you from

AM : Singapore, and you?

coco : I am also in Singapore

coco : Where are you?

AM : Tampines

AM : Are you nearby?

coco : I am at Bedok

AM : orh.

coco : I give service, do you need it?

AM : Now ah?

AM : Need to give you money first right?

coco : $150 for 2 hours

AM : ok ah

AM : Meet where?

coco : I have room

coco : at Bedok

AM : Address?

coco : Bedok (KNN stupid)

AM : Bedok so big.

AM : Where?

coco : Near the MRT

AM : You wanna meet there or your room?

coco : Meet at my room

AM : Where is your room?

AM : Unit number?

coco : 101 Bedok North Road (Pua CB, don’t even give proper address)

coco : I am here

AM : Its SPC ah

AM : No rooms there

coco : You come here and I’ll bring you to my room

AM : Ok

AM : See you in 15 minutes.

AM : No see no scatter

coco : Your phone

AM :  No need, you see my face oredi

coco : No number how to contact you?

AM : Aren’t you coming to meet me?

AM : You can see my face

AM : Petrol station not big

AM : Will not get lost one

coco : OK then take a photo of the place when you arrive

AM : Send SPC photos from Google search

coco : reach already?

AM : You don’t recognise this place ah?

coco : I know ah

coco : Can you speak mandarin?

AM : abit

coco : OK

coco : Wait for me

coco : Phone number (CCB every time number number number)


coco : I want to call you

AM : No need to call, I am the only person standing here

coco : Just leave your number, what are you worried about?

AM : You come here, what are you worried about?

AM : How long do you want me to wait?

coco : If you don’t leave a number, I won’t go over

AM : You don’t want money, its not my business

AM : You don’t want money just because of a phone number, so strange

coco : I don’t know what you are worried about

AM :  I am a customer, why do you need my phone number?

AM :  I don’t want you to call me

AM : You want money? If you don’t want, I’ll go off. Bye bye

coco : No phone number then buy card for me

coco : Otherwise forget it

AM : Buy card HAHAHA

AM : Send photo of police message to citizens

AM : Understand? Chinaman?


This was the photo I sent, heng heng it was in front of me when I was on the way to get my lunch.


So kids, don’t use your KKJ / LJ to think. These Wechat scams have been around a bloody long time.

They even hover around other social apps like Tinder, Skout or Paktor. Photos are usually fake (aka too good to be true). Account names are usually Chinese and the first thing they say to you when you connect is : I usually use wechat.

You immediately fuck them (not literally since you can’t and if you persist you will kena cheated) and use your money go to Bedok 85 nearby eat Chai Tao Kway better.

End of lesson. Class dismissed.