Uncle introduced this anime to me one day and I have to say that the first episode got me hooked!

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is intense and action packed. It is just too bad the series is pretty short, every episode seemed to go by so fast.

The anime goes on overdrive from the get go. The action scenes are tight, the conversations don’t sound like their there to fill up time. There’s always the overly screaming and emo main character but the general story and action makes up for it.

Here’s a quick recap.


The story starts with the Kabane (aka zombies) attacking a train, people getting bitten and having to kill themselves before they turn into a Kabane.  No real explanation on the source or why there are Kabane in the first place.

Main character is introduced, Ikoma. He’s been trying to develop a steam gun powerful enough to pierce the iron heart cage of the Kabane. He also works as a train mechanic, sai kang warrior.

Train that was overrun earlier storms into his station and he kills a Kabane with his new steam gun, however he gets bitten and he jumps into another contraption to stop the viral spread. He manages to stay as a human, or so he thinks.

Everyone makes it to a train to get out of town with the help of Mumei, a mysterious girl with super powers. She can fuck Kabane up with 2 steam guns.


Ikoma gets on a train with everyone else. Later he gets thrown off because they think he’ll become a Kabane. But he saves them by opening the gate to the next station.

People who are bitten by Kabane and don’t turn to Kabane are called Kabaneri. They possess powers like super fast healing and super strength. However they need to rest after expending their energy. And they also need blood for their meals.

Kabaneri can suppress their power by wearing something round their neck and remove it when they need to.


The journey

Mumei trains Ikoma to be more useful when taking on Kabane.

They meet new kinds of Kabane along their journey to the next town. Kabane that can wield a sword and Kabane that combine to become a huge black thing.

Needless to say all the Kabane fuck things up along the way. And also the train eventually finds a way out with each episode ending with a bloody cliffhanger.

A pregnant woman becomes a Kabane, Mumei kills her and the rest of the passengers go apeshit.  Ungrateful fuckers. They keep forgetting the Kabaneri have kept them alive.

The train also has this funny character who speaks in a foreign accent Japanese, every sentence has an English word in it.


They meet up with another train and it supposedly has a bunch of super soldiers in there to take on Kabane. Mumei was part of the group and she starts to hang out with them.

The leader of the group is introduced, Mumei’s “big brother”, Biba.

We learn that his father, the Shogun, left him to die on the battlefield many years ago. He managed to survive and now he is making his way back to the main city where he originally asked Mumei to meet him there.

Ikoma finds something fishy and when he gets too near the answer, they throw him off the train. Ikoma’s close friend is also killed by Biba’s group of soldiers. They commandeer the train and trick their way into the city.



Biba’s plan has been exposed, he uses the friendly train to ship his Kabane into the city. All hell breaks loose.

Mumei is injected with a serum to make her into the super huge Kabane to smash the entire city. Biba’s revenge is complete.

Ikoma fixes himself up, attaches his steam gun to his severed arm and cuts his hair. He injects himself with the serum which will kill him but make him way more powerful. He also grabs the single cure and rushes to the city to use it on Mumei.

He fights with Biba and wins, he injects Mumei with the serum. Mumei goes back to normal and so does Ikoma, because Biba used the cure on him. Bad guy is not really 100% asshole.

Happy ending. Mumei gets to eat rice one day.


Overall, I really enjoyed Koutetsujou no Kabaneri.

The pace wasn’t slow, not draggy. Episodes would leave you hanging and wanting more.

The only gripe I had was how rushed the ending felt. It could have used another 1 or 2 more episodes. And the final attack on the city was really short for a finale.

Even my other half was hooked on this show, it was her first anime! I really recommend this anime.

I hope they do a second season. These 12 episodes flew by so fast.