So FFXV is delayed. FUCK! I was waiting for this game so that I can finally stop playing Overwatch. See the director explaining below.

So now the waiting will go on till November, AFTER the release of Battlefield 1.

I activated the other half to go watch Kingsglaive to ease my FFXV itch. I regretted it after watching it, it didn’t make me very excited to play FFXV.

I’m not sure if its Golden Village fault with their crappy projectors or the canvas or whatever, I barely saw any action. No, wait, I saw too much action. It was like a fucking Michael Bay movie. So many things going on that I couldn’t see shit.


At the start, people were teleporting here and there, I still couldn’t see shit. Everything was so dim, I only saw the flashes of the teleport. I’ve seen better action scenes from Uncharted 4.

The middle part gets a bit slow, typical emo rubbish. Its like some of the dialogue is there just to get the plot going. The soldiers arguing about the surrender, wanna kill each other, another one being a total asshole. The main guy keeps getting called a hero but from what? The past? The initial fight scene?

Then the bad guys want to take the crystal so they get the guys to surrender AND attack them. King asks them to run but they don’t. More teleporting which I can’t really see but luckily it was not the night time so I could see what the fuck was happening at some point.


The ending action sequences gets even worse. Main guy loses his power because the king is dead, he can’t teleport. Loads of action but really Michael Bay level kind of action.

When it reaches the part where he DOES get the power back (even though till sunrise), the scenes keeps switching between the big monster scenes and the tiny men fighting scene.


Figuring out what is happening in Kingsglaive is not immediate. Suddenly other big people was chopping down the demon, they were also teleporting. How many big fellas were fucking around, I think there were 3? Could be more, I couldn’t see.

It was horribly confusing until the final part where the big and small were replicating each other.

I get the general idea of what is happening but what I didn’t like was that I couldn’t see the details. The fights, the somersaults, the jumping, the statues or creatures that came alive.  It was a Michael Bay action movie and I fucking hate Michael Bay action movies.

How this movie got 8/10 as a rating is beyond me. My friend says the cinema ruined it with bad projection.


I’ll give it another chance by watching it on the proper HDTV. But until then, I will give Kingsglaive a CUI rating

I walked out the cinema, frustrated and unsatisfied. I want to play FFXV.