Love the pants buckle, love the details and love how he just stood and admire himself. Very proud of what he wears.

This video speaks – Style over fashion.

We don’t always have to don on suit and pants to prove we are a gentleman. But have the attitude of dressing up and take pride of it, takes time to culture into who we are. We may think we’re fine as who we are, but a little more effort goes a long way.

Wear your norm, but look into details bros. You don’t wear suit and ties? Well, this post is still meant for you.

With a simple T-shirt and Berms. Take your details onto your shoes.
If you wear slipper or sandals? Bring attention to your bag or watch or cap etc.

When it comes to Casual Smart, dress up usually requires you to pay more attention to your belt or wallet or watch(yes, invest in a good and beautiful watch)

Spend more time with small details, own a sartorial style that makes you stand out “subtlely”. You’ll love yourself more.