I walked pass Hoshino Coffee at Orchard ION many times. Telling myself this cafe likka not bad. Must try.

Oh one thing about Uncle is, I cannot drink coffee or tea (even green tea) after 2:30pm. If I drink it, the caffeine will keep me awake for 24hrs. Want to sleep, but cannot sleep. Damn painful.

So when I was running errands with Wife,  I brought her to eat Skinny Pizza. Nice. Then walk pass Hoshino Coffee, look at my watch. 11am. Yes! Hoshino Coffee, here I come!

11am is a good time because the crowd are peaceful morning, reads newspaper and Lim kopi type, only difference is 5x more atas. $1 : $5

If you like Starbucks Americano or their coffee black(which I feel it’s not worth the $ At All). You gotta try Hoshino Coffee.


“Hoshino” Blend Coffee is cold dripped. Aromatic and mild.

Clean finish, just the way I like it. Always ask for refill because it’s at 50% off, half price. Menu described there’s a pleasant sourness. I’m so glad the taste wasn’t sour for me.

French Toast

French toast is a must try, in terms of local standard. The fluffiness is by far the best tasting in terms of French Toast in Singapore. Overall taste was very pleasant. I can’t say much to it. It didn’t taste overwhelmingly delicious. Gentle comfort is more appropriate for this item.

Been to Plaza Singapura outlet twice. Gonna visit other outlets and see if the standard are same. Online reviews have been quite borderline. But i say try for coffee and dessert only.

If you’re going for the main course, in reference to this post. Then its your own Daiji.




Hoshino Coffee Website – Official website contains menu and pricing of each items. Do visit and check out what they have.

Your “Dai Ji” – means your problem / your own business

In proper English translation is You are on your own.