Nakajima Park

We drove back to Sapporo and stayed at Hotel Mystays. As usual, the parks are wonderful have a stroll but soon the dark skies caught up with us and we had to make our way back to the hotel.


In the evening, we went to the 白い恋人 factory.  You have to purchase a ticket to access the tour. There you will see lots of stuff that hipsters wanna take selfies with, like a fountain, the main hall and probably the toy museum area. There’s even a gramophone museum. How does all this relate to a chocolate biscuit factory? Angsty Man has no idea at all.

After the tour, we all decided to eat at a sushi joint along the way back to the hotel. It would be our first conveyor sushi restaurant. When we were done, we headed back to town and visited the big electronics store, check out the retro stuff we saw!

Check out the way they display the games, makes me wanna buy it all.  The beer tap thingy looks so good too, the handle is pretty classy.

Lake Toya

We had to move off early, Lake Toya and then Niseko was our destination and it isn’t near.

At Tarumae, we stopped to grab breakfast and once more at 有珠山 (Usuzan) to grab the view.

Upon arriving at Lake Toya, the serene feeling of the whole lake just makes you want to sit there and do nothing. Unfortunately, you cannot do nothing on this trip.

After enjoying the view down below, we drove up to Windsor Hotel which is located at the top.  From there, you can see Lake Toya in its full glory.


The sun was setting, so we had to quickly proceed to Niseko. From here on, the trip will slow down and we will get to relax.

Hilton Niseko is a beautiful place to relax and it is way more affordable during the low season. The service is top notch and the onsen was a very good welcome after the long hours on the road.

For dinner, we went to Abucha 2. The food isn’t too expensive and quite worth it considering the quality.

After 2 onsen dips (one before sleeping and one before breakfast), we went to have the buffet breakfast which wasn’t included with our booking.  Since we’re there, why not just try? After that, Angsty Man and his other 3/4 went for a walk behind the hotel.

We checked out of the hotel and right at the hotel entrance from the main road is, Milk Kobo (

Cape Kamui

A long drive awaits us and we purchased fresh cheese tarts from Milk Kobo.  The tarts were simply orgasmic and you had to consume it on the day itself.

We were racing the sun and we managed to reach there before sunset! The gate keeper told us that he will close the gate at 5.30pm, we had 1 hour to check the place out.

When the sun has set, we made out way back to Sapporo.  We had Mos Burger for dinner and the next day was a visit to Hokkaido University.

Seafood was our aim for lunch and we went to Nijo Fish Market and ate at Ohiso.

Angsty Man really wanted to try the King Crab and that was what he got! You can taste the sea in the flesh and the tuna was so fresh!


Trying to make the most out of our yen, we went to an international buffet restaurant. Can’t remember the name but the most basic dish like fried rice could easily win any fried rice at any international buffet restaurant in Singapore.

Taking a train from town to the airport was very easy. The trains really arrived on the minute!

This was a pretty hectic trip so at the end, you can see us taking it slow with beer and ramen  See you soon Hokkaido!