We went to Furano and Biei the next day to find the celebrity trees of the area. The trees are just nice to look at, take photos. Other than that, its just a tree.


Ken & Mary Tree

So after checking out 3 trees (there were more than that), we decided to just skip the rest and get brunch. Arriving in the sleepy little town of Biei, there was almost nothing and we decided to go to a little home / bistro.  The food was tasty but not that fantastic.

After lunch we continued our drive towards Shirogane but we chanced upon this place :  三愛の丘展望公園

You can see the snow capped peaks in the distance and on the other side was an open field.


By the time we reached Shirogane, it was getting dark and rain was catching up (as usual).  The sun sets around 4.30pm so there isn’t much daylight if you wake up late.


Dinner was Omu Rice and Katsudon!!


We stayed at Log Yukari at Furano. Its a cosy little cabin where you can stay with your friends and kids. The owner has a day job so he won’t be around till maybe around 3pm.

Breakfast was McDonald’s nearby, they still have McGriddles.  I like the design on the paper used on the tray, Singapore should let design or illustrator students come up with stuff for McDonald’s.



Farm Tomita was our first destination. We wanted to try to find some lavenders and melons. Since it wasn’t lavender season, we were lucky to see some.

The place was COLD, especially when the wind blew. So how do you beat the cold? EAT ICE CREAM. We ordered Lavender soft serve and ice cream doesn’t melt in Hokkaido.

Next stop : Furano Cheese Factory

There isn’t much of a tour here, its just an open gallery where you can read information and buy the milk and cheese. We walked around and there are classes going on but you’ll have to sign up for it before hand.

The milk was creamy and didn’t have that bland processed taste. The cheese cake was really soft the fluffy. After drinking milk, you’ll have to return the bottles instead of throwing it away.


Furano Wine was next.  Same as the other places, there wasn’t much of a tour, just areas you can walk to and read information. There was a cellar with wines dated back to before we were born.

Ah Pek and his other half went to do some tasting while Angsty Man and his 3/4 sat around enjoying the view after the rain.  Ah Pek bought a bottle of grape juice which he lugged around until our final night at Hokkaido.

We continued our journey to Obihiro and stopped by Ningle Terrace. Its just filled with touristy little shops and there wasn’t anything we wanted to buy. The rain didn’t help to as it just made the whole place freezing cold.


Obihiro reminds Angsty Man of Chiangmai, not sure how to describe it. Probably due to how the buildings were spaced out.

We tried to find something to eat and we came across these little stalls where the locals were having their dinner and drinks. Since most of them were full, we ended up at a ramen joint.

The ladies ordered fried rice and the guys had Shio Ramen.




We had to wake up early. Tomamu was 1 hour away from Obihiro and we had to get there before sunrise. When we arrived, it was 1 degree celcius, this isn’t good.

You have to take a gondola up, the prices are : Adults 1,900円、Children 1,200円

As we went up, you would see the snow covered foliage. When you reach the top, they have extra winter wear for visitors to use.

What else to do after that? EAT LAH,

So we stopped at a placed called Coco. Angsty Man thought they served Japanese curry rice sets like other Coco branches but this one doesn’t.