Finally Angsty Man goes to Hokkaido (北海道) with Ah Pek. However we both took different flights to get there.

Ah Pek and his other half went via Scoot. Angsty Man and his other 3/4 went via ANA.

For the Scoot journey, they had to do a 1 hour transit at Taipei.  Whereas the ANA flight was a 3hr transit at Narita.

Over at Narita. HELL Hello Kitty will be trolling greeting travellers.

Upon arrival, Ah Pek went to check out the collection of green tea and collected the car from New Chitose airport, he rented a Honda Shuttle for the trip.



It was a 2 hour drive from the airport to Asahikawa and we arrived at Court Hotel (which was next to the JR Station) at around 11pm. Ah Pek said this was supposed to be the coldest town and boy, was it cold.  Angsty Man’s ears felt like falling off just from walking one block to 7-11 to grab a late dinner. Luckily the dinner was worth it.


We grabbed an Ippudo Instant Ramen to give it a go but it didn’t turn out so good, the soup was alright though. Angsty Man loves the Gyu Don.

It was also very considerate of them to show the calories of the food.


We set off early to Daisetsuzan National Park. Another 1.5 hour drive along the beautiful roads and when we were arriving, the temperature indicator on the car showed this.


NOT READY FOR THIS. So we stepped out anyway and we were told that some of the hiking trails were closed due to snow. SNOW. None of us brought winter clothing because its not winter yet!



The winds were killing us, luckily there was some hot chicken soup given out at the the souvenir store. So we had to run back to the heater car and tried to get more information from the information centre. We were told winter came early and we missed the colours of fall by a week.

So we still pushed on and located another part which we could try taking a hike. Then it started to snow in the middle of the walk.

People always think that snow is romantic. Angsty Man says, not when you’re inadequately dressed for the cold.

All of us hopped back into the car and we made our way back to Asahikawa. The next stop was the Asahikawa Ramen Village – あさひかわラーメン村.

Angsty Man likes Tonkotsu Ramen but its seems like Shio and Miso ramen are the ones sold in Hokkaido. So bo bian, Shio ramen it is.



There is a Uniqlo across the street, so might as well go. Ah Pek needed to stock up on some winter clothing and it is his tradition to buy one set of winter clothes from Hokkaido Uniqlo.

In the evening, we walked along the shopping street and decided to get some meat from 串鳥.

Remember the place in Singapore that we talked about which sells sex beef?

Forget that. Forget all of that. Game over.

Kushidori – this is the place. Take note that is seems like everywhere is a smoking section here.