I bought a Herman Miller Aeron 3 years ago and I’m still sitting on it.

The chair hasn’t given way, its hasn’t been uncomfortable from long hours of sitting and I still haven’t activated anything from the 12 year warranty.

Yes, 12 years warranty!

Initial attempts to get the chair shipped in failed, so I got lazy and just ordered it direct from XTRA, I didn’t have to worry about shipping or delivery.

I didn’t get the shiny metal one, I went for the graphite version with posture fit. I’m just not a fan of shiny metal stuff, makes be feel like I gotta use Mr Brasso or Autosol to polish it.

The chair cost me almost $1800 but its the best chair I’ve had considering the long hours I sit on it. I spend a lot of hours at the desk and my previous chair was those old school wooden chairs at the old kopitiams.

I suggest that you have head down to the showroom to get the correct sizing, you don’t wanna be in a chair that’s too tiny or too big.


3 years on, what do I like about the chair?

The Material

Oh yes, the material. I don’t work in an air conditioned environment so having material like that helps.

I can sit for hours and I don’t feel any heat. I can last longer on this chair than the sofas in the cinema.

It is airy and the material didn’t loosen up.

Adjustment Options

The chair has an option to lean forward. This is good for people who like to lean forward to type or scrutinise the screen.

But once you get your ideal seating adjustments, you won’t be touching them anymore. At least that’s how it was for me.

You can also set how far back you want to lean AND the suspension level.

If you’re a lightweight person, then you need to loosen the suspension so that the chair leans back when you rest back on it. Set the suspension too hard and your chair isn’t gonna lean back.

So if you’re a heavy person, then you have to harden the suspension so it gives you some support before falling back.

Anything bad about the chair?

There really isn’t anything bad about the chair. I haven’t destroyed it yet and it doesn’t look like its gonna break anytime soon.

One gripe I have is that HAIR gets stuck in the wheel axels and I cannot get the individual wheels off to take out the hair.

Would I recommend the Herman Miller Aeron? Of course!

The last time, my friend came to sit on it and went to buy it over the weekend. He says its the best purchase he has made for a chair.

I don’t mind trying another chair if someone can recommend, otherwise I am really happy with this chair.