Netflix Singapore has improved their catalogue tremendously since it started. It used to be bloody joke with their measly selection but now the quality of content has improved and it seems like they are actually paying someone to properly curate the movies coming through.

One of the shows is Godzilla : Monster Planet. It is the latest Godzilla movie from Toho and its is fully animated.

Check out the 2 trailers :

The animation style is exactly like Ajin.  Overall it is a typical Japanese Godzilla anime, however this Godzilla its totally more badass than the American version.  The atomic breath is more like a hit scan laser beam.

The starting is kinda slow, they show how Godzilla chased humanity out of Earth.

The hero who was a little boy at that time has grown up in the spaceship that escaped Earth, he is now a captain and he wasn’t happy that old useless people were being sent out of the ship.

They throw him into a cell and there’s a lot of talking until they decide that they should head back to Earth. Spending 22 years in space is equivalent to 10,000 to 20,000 years on Earth.

The failed colonists think that Godzilla might not be able to live so long so they head back to Earth. They still need a plan to fight Godzilla if the bugger is still alive and only the hero has a good theory on how to take him down.

When the military group of the failed colonists land on Earth, this is when shit hits the fan (as predicted)

A lot of pew pew pew and dying goes on and just when you thought they beat Godzilla, it turns out that its not the one that chased humanity off Earth.

I’m looking forward to part 2 and hopefully the starting won’t be so slow.

I recommend that this show needs to be viewed with a decent sound system with a subwoofer.