It is time for me to introduce an app called Glympse. I have been using it for some time now and it has been very useful.

This is a location sharing app and the real reason I use it is so that when I arrive at my destination, I expect the person I am picking up to be bloody waiting for me instead of the other way round!  No more texting “Reached” and then waiting another 20 minutes for him or her to finish touching themselves then come down.  NO MORE.  I send a message using this app, they will know when I am arriving so there are no excuses for being late!

First you need to activate your GPS, then you open Glympse. You can either send a Glympse immediately or go to Shortcuts and choose from your pre-set destinations. You have to click “Create a new favourite” and select your recipients, I usually share via Whatsapp.  After that, set the amount of time you wanna be stalked (4 hours max) and a type message if you like.  Pick your destination and then SAVE.  Here you can name your shortcuts, it can be “Scandal’s house”, “MILF’s garden”,  “Devil’s room”.

If you do not set a destination, then you will just be watched through the time you have pre-determined.  If you set a destination, an estimated arrival time will be generated and whoever is stalking you will know when you will arrive.

Glympse 02

You can request for a Glympse from a friend who has the app too. If you think he or she is lost, tell them to send you a Glympse and laugh at them.

The time limit is for forgetful people (there are many) who will forget to stop the app once they have reached the destination.  If you have set your destination, you can program Glympse to shut off once you have reached.

There is another app that does this, its called Waze but it isn’t as accurate as Glympse.  But Waze has other uses that I will mention next time.  I will use Waze if I am travelling alone and activate Glympse if I am gonna share my location.

Other ways you can use Glympse is if you are expecting a VIP and the personal assistant can show you the location, so you won’t stand around like an idiot waiting for the fella to arrive.

Cheating boyfriends or husbands, do not let your wives know there is this app.  But you can share it with your mistress to let her know when you are heading over and she’ll know when to prepare for your arrival.

There are other ways to use Glympse but I haven’t fully jumped into it, nor have I been in a situation where I need to click on the extra stuff.

Glympse 03

Other buttons I rarely or never use.

Glympse is available on Android, iPhone, WinPhone 7/8 and Blackberry.