After Uncharted 4, I went back to Battlefield 4,  I don’t think I’ll reach level 140 on my own. I went up to 127 on my own and it was getting very tiring for me.

So my friend recommended Overwatch.

At first glance it looked awfully kiddy.


This is like pew pew pew compared to the “manly” stuff at battlefield.  Anyway I just gave it a go.

It took me time to get used to it, I didn’t have to ADS (Aim Down Scope). And it felt awfully easy just to hit the enemy.  Then it started to get frustrating because of a fundamental problem. People don’t PTFO (Play the f*cking objective).  I was back to my raging self from battlefield.  Looking on in frustration as players seem to play team death match instead of taking the point or escorting the payload.

But I just have to make do with it till my pre ordered games arrive.  Until then I’m kinda stuck on this game.

What do I think of Overwatch? Its playable. I don’t like it the same way I do with Battlefield.  The amount of people not playing it the way it is meant to be played, frustrates me.

But playing it for a month, I have learnt some stuff about the community :


  1. There is always a new guy who isn’t good enough to use Hanzo or Widowmaker. And they just stand so far, sniping. And missing. Hanzo and Widowmaker are good in the right hands, but in the hands of a noob. Its frustrating for the team due to no contribution.
  2. Player levels don’t really matter, I’ve played against teams with really high levels and sometimes pretty surprisingly, they get steamrolled. Player level doesn’t determine teamwork. I’ve played with the low level guys thinking its gonna be a bad game but everyone PTFO and we win… too easily.
  3. People who don’t know how to play the game, there are plenty.  Like I said, I get frustrated seeing the team play team death match while I go for the payload or point. Some get the point and then leave it immediately, handing it back to the opposition. You can hear the beeping as you lose your point but no one runs there to stop it.

I think there’s more but I’m too frustrated to talk about it. Do I enjoy Overwatch? Only if there’s a VICTORY at the end of it. Actually a DEFEAT is alright if the team put in effort.

Would I recommend Overwatch? Well, maybe. It is more fun if you have friends to play with. Otherwise playing solo is like gambling. You win some, you lose many.

People have been complaining its expensive but I have no issue with that. If you really like the game, the disc can be in there for 2, 3 or even 6 months! Its actually worth the money for the amount of time you put on it.

But right now I’m not really playing Overwatch like I enjoy it. Its not like the fun Battlefield 3 days. I seem to be playing it so often just because I wanna grind out the levels which doesn’t seem to have any cap.

Overwatch Heroes

By the way, the promo videos are very good. And I think that is why everyone wants to use Hanzo no matter how useless he is in the wrong hands.