I never watched a single HK Drama before. My usual shows are more like House, Prison Break, Modern Family. But since I got my Aston TV Box and I have HK TV app installed, the other half wanted to watch a show. That’s how I ended up “following” A Fist Within Four Walls (城寨英雄).

I am still not a TVB Drama fan but I spent some of my time searching for spoilers so that I could spoil it for my other half while she watches the show. I laugh at the effects and cheesiness of the production instead of feeling emotionally attached to any of the character. I have to admit its a good show if you’re into all these kinda stuff.

I have compiled a summary of events in the show based from my memory. Agar agar lah. Memory abit blur because I wasn’t really watching it.

The Past

The show starts with 2 practitioners of 八極拳 (Bai Ji Quan) meeting up by chance then forming an alliance to kick bad people out of their area, which is the Kowloon Walled City.

1 fella dress like Donnie Yen, the other one like a street fighter, no fashion. The Donnie Yen wannabe went to help some people then kena assassinated. The people say the Street Fighter killed him because of the technique used.

Basically the Street Fighter can piak you on your skull and then your skull crack. So the Street Fighter say its not him and offered to go to jail until proven guilty. Inside jail he kena attacked by 3 men and then Street Fighter ran out, went to save his family then vomit blood and die.

The 2 children of Street Fighter ran away, the daughter disappeared after the brother told her don’t anyhowly run and wait for him. The brother grew up in Macau and went back to the Walled City to find out what really happened.

The Donnie Yen wannabe also have a son, he became a dentist.


Save the Hair salon employee

The Street Fighter son wanders the street and a kind girl offers him a place to stay at her boss’s place. He even gains employment to carry water and do sai kang around the place.

The kind employee have a useless father who always gamble and he sold her to the gangsters when he didn’t have money to pay up.

The Walled City is run by 3 big heads, one handles women, one does drugs and one does gambling.

You can see where this is going eh?

So the good guys save her from the Prostitution Boss’s brother (who wants to pia her), smuggles her and her father out of the Walled City so she can start a new life as a journalist. In the end the father gamble again and sold her off… AGAIN.

The group went out to visit her and realised she’s missing. By the time they find her, she already kena raped and die liao. Salon boss goes mental and suddenly she can kill people with 2 knives like a pro. Then she KO because her heart cannot take it.

Meanwhile the Prostitute Boss brother was killed by the Gambling Boss’s bodyguard (let’s call him Muay Thai Man) because he nearly wanna rape the Gambling Boss’s daughter who just came back from overseas and is teaching at a cui school in the city.


3 heads

The 3 bosses are actually the fellas who attacked Street Fighter in jail. And their relationship quite tension.

After the Prostitution Boss’s brother died, the Prostitution Boss sibeh emo and wanted to kill those involved.  The group panic liao and then the Dentist’s family kick him out of the house. The Dentist and Street Fighter’s Son (Let’s call him Fist Man) formed an alliance to take down the vices.

Fist Man kena caught by Prostitution Boss. So Muay Thai Man’s mother (who owns a mama shop opposite the salon) went to save him. Muay Thai Man is stuck in between the good guys and the bad guys.

Prostitution Boss frames Gambling Boss for sabo-ing Drug Boss’s stuff. Drug boss kidnaps Gambling Boss’s daughter so he gets the drugs back, but kena backfire. He kena killed by Fist Man’s sister. Before he up lorry, he said the bosses were working under a higher authority.

Also the General Manager helping the Prostitution Boss is Fist Man’s long lost sister!


Fong Chun Mei (馮春美)

I think the best bad guy of this show is the Prostitution Boss, 馮春美. He is a classy gay, perverted and good at kung fu. His story arc is probably the most interesting of all.

The Gambling Boss realised that they are being hunted and he wants to be a good guy, so he handed the Gambling department to 馮春美. And converted some of his places to tea house.

馮春美 start to give free money so people can come gamble.  Eventually people gamble until they got more problems.

The BIGGEST joke to me is that people gamble until lose then blame the casino. APA LAH? Then now the good guys wanna take down the casino.  The casino was just minding its own business and giving free money was good marketing!

So the whole place have people selling daughters and jumping down to their deaths. 馮春美 sent those who owe him a lot of money to go find the good guys and kill them.

Ding dong here and there and eventually 馮春美 jio the good guys to gamble at his casino. If the good guys win, they clear the people’s debts. If they lose, the good guys kill themselves.

Obviously the good guys win the gamble then 馮春美 buay song la. So the whole casino has a riot now and then 馮春美 run outside to get his buried money. Fist Man’s sister is there already and kills him.


Higher Authority

So now the Gambling Boss remains. His daughter very “cooked” with the good guys so she beg them to let him live.

Gambling boss jio them to lim teh at his place, actually he wanted to lock them up and bomb the whole place.

The good guys ran out last minute then one of the extras acting as a retard died. They went to hoot the Gambling Boss then he tried to smuggle himself out.

Turns out that the cake shop owner is the killer of Donnie Yen wannabe and he is also the real father of Gambling Boss’s daughter. He proceeds to kill Gambling Boss.

The cake shop owner is the one who helped to smuggle the employee out in the first arc.

Time to catch up

I’ll just fill some stories up before I go into the last arc.

Fist Guy + Hair Salon Boss

Fist Guy fall in love with Hair Salon Boss who used to be an assassin with heart problems. Her killing spree in the first arc enabled her previous employers to track her so she has to run away. Her old love tracked her and is now staying at her place (tension between him and Fist Guy)

Technically Hair Salon Boss was the one who killed Fist Guy’s father, Street Fighter, when she was young she wrapped a towel laced with poison around Street Fighter’s arm after he escaped from jail. The towel was given by the Assassin Association and she was told to do it.

Dentist + Fist Guy’s Sister

Every time meeting after her work to drink some God awful bean sprout soup because of their same goal trying to take down 馮春美,  they also fall in love.

Muay Thai Guy + His Mother

He used to go underground to fight, fight so good until the Gambling Boss employed him. His mother don’t like that he is working for the gangsters, he does it so that he can give his mother money that she doesn’t accept.

Muay Thai Guy + Gambling Boss’s Daughter

He is always tagging along to protect her, she helped patched things up between mother and son. What else is there to do? Fall in love lor.

Dentist’s Uncle

He saw the murder of Donnie Yen wannabe. But cake shop owner told him to keep quiet and tell everyone that Street Fighter killed Donnie Yen wannabe. If Uncle don’t say it, Cake shop owner will kill him.

Other extras

One of the Salon Boss tenants died saving her friends in the 馮春美 arc.

Gambling father still alive even though he kena bashed all the time.

The auntie of Fist Guy and his sister came to the walled city to find them, now they sent her back to Macau, away from the fighting.

Justice is served

So now we know the cake shop owner is the antagonist. He goes on to create tension between Fist Guy and the Dentist. Business is slow ever since all the vice was cleaned up. So the people are requesting for vice to come back otherwise they cannot earn money. The townsfolk are split on this decision.

Dentist say ok, Fist Guy say not ok. Cake shop owner say you 2 go fight then who win will be the decision.

Meanwhile Salon Boss’s old love went to kill Dentist’s uncle and whoever was in the room at that time to fuck up Dentist’s wedding with Fist Guy’s sister. Dentist’s uncle draw a cake on the wall, which looks like an orange. Good guys spend some time trying to figure out the bad drawing.

Fist Guy sister do investigation and found drugs in Cake shop owner place. She gets attacked by Salon Boss’s old love. Fist guy rushes to help her and kena piak on the back of his head and he becomes blind. His sister kena stabbed and dies, Dentist sad because they were supposed to get married.

Blind Fist Guy meets up with Dentist and loses the fight, vice it is! Fist guy so sad he goes to roam the streets, Salon Boss’s old love tried to kill him but Salon Boss protects Fist Guy. In the end Salon Boss’s old love kena killed by her and he whispers something in her ear before he up lorry.

Gambling Boss’s daughter finds drugs at the street and Cake shop owner tried to kill her, Muay Thai Man fights to protect her and he dies instead. She wakes up and cries, wears the ring he wanted to give her and now Muay Thai Man’s mother take care of her because considered as family liao.

Muay Thai Man’s mother also teach Fist Guy how to fight blind. He become Jedi and uses the Force.

They try to kill Cake Shop man one time but cannot. He wearing some iron cloak, kick his KKJ also no use. Gambling Boss’s daughter kena caught, the good guys save her.

They attack Cake shop owner again, even tickling his armpit with a knife to try to find the button to deactivate the iron cloak. Fist Guy uses the Force to find the button then he deactivates the cloak.

Cake shop guy runs away but kena blocked by the townsfolk. He kena held back by a weakling then Dentist and Fist Guy piak him on the head. Game over.



Fist Guy and Salon Boss go USA to fix themselves up.

Dentist opens kung fu school.

Muay Thai Man’s mother open Thai restaurant.

Gambling Boss’s daughter stay with Muay Thai Man’s mother and learn how to fight.


A FIST WITHIN FOUR WALLS (城寨英雄) is 28 episodes long. It started screening on the 1st of August and the last episode was 28 August 2016.

I hope my badly written post might entice you to watch / avoid the show. There’s a lot of cheesy scenes, the fight scenes for some might be too overdone but this is inspired by comics and other stuff so sometimes I just switch off my brain and don’t think too much.

Feel free to rate the show with the ratings bar below.