UPDATE 2016: Follow Up Review of Bomber Barrel Bag 2-2


To sum up this review: Bomber Barrel Bag uses great materials. Underwhelming look and size. But I will definitely buy from bomberco group again.



This project gathered a whopping $430,393 out of $15,000 goal

From production till delivery exceeded expectations. Very impressed with their promise of May delivery.

Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag was packed in a Kraft resealable bag. Clever and cost saving. Not impressed with the packaging. But they did make effort to have all the backers names printed onto the package sleeve. Could not find my name though.

Bomber Barrel Set includes;
1 Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag
1 Mini Bomber Traveler’s Kit
1 Bomber Cord Survival Bracelet.

Here are the main features of the Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag:

    1. Ultra high quality N4004-AC2-6 Ripstop Nylon
      High quality nylon material looks pretty good. In terms of how the bag can hold its structure, it fell short of my expectations. It’s too soft. But because of its material, I can put a fair bit of stuff in it.
    2. Weatherproof
      Let me try see…
    3. Waterproof zippers
      Zipper looks good, I’m impressed. Love!
    4. Ultra lightweight (390 grams)
      This bag is so lightweight and flexible that bomberco packed it into Mini Bomber. Good when you need to carry loads, in fact bomber barrel bag is so going to be my secondary bag for traveling.
    5. Adjustable premium quality black nylon and leather padded quick release shoulder strap
      Ok…not bad
    6. Wraparound rivet reinforced carry handles with padded velcro grip
    7. Dimensions: 18″x 10″x 10″, a perfect carry on or weekend getaway
      I’m going to carry it every single day. Let’s see if it’s perfect or not. Wait for part 2 of this review.
    8. Emergency paracord zipper pulls
      Better than metal zipper tags. Love!
    9. Military-grade clips
      Love! But the front clip cuts into my ribs.
    10. Matted black on black logo
      Not bad.
    11. Inner pocket and outer pocket to store your phone, keys, wallet and other small essentials
      Yes, Very useful!

Order your Bomber Barrel here.
http://www.bomberco.com/buy-best-barrel-black-duffel-bag/bomber-barrel(Delivery in late May 2015)









Stray thread appearing on top zipper of internal main compartment – day 1 use. If you manage to see this last image. I think you’ll be looking forward to Part 2 of this review.