Yes, finally able to catch a breather after long hours of work. Now back to the second part of my review. Overall, in short – much flaws, but strangely enough i am still carrying it as my daily necessity.
I sent an email to bomberco but no response from them. So i don’t bother to chase after them again.

These are the main review based on 2015. And read what Uncle 2016 says about the bag.

Ultra high quality N4004-AC2-6 Ripstop Nylon

Uncle 2015: High quality nylon material looks pretty good. In terms of how the bag can hold its structure, it fell short of my expectations. It’s too soft. But because of its material, I can put a fair bit of stuff in it.

Uncle 2016: Many times i thought this bag would give way. Because i buy groceries and put all in it. But it didn’t. So let’s see how it goes for the 2nd year.


Uncle 2015: Let me try see…

Uncle 2016: Yah this Bag can tahan winter time in Tokyo and normal hot days in Singapore can? Weatherproof indeed.

Waterproof zippers

Uncle 2015: Zipper looks good, I’m impressed. Love!

Uncle 2016: Eh Uncle 2015, you stupid ah. See the photos below and you tell me. No good no good. Within one year. The brastic fall out.

Ultra lightweight (390 grams)

Uncle 2015: This bag is so lightweight and flexible that bomberco packed it into Mini Bomber. Good when you need to carry loads, in fact bomber barrel bag is so going to be my secondary bag for traveling.

Uncle 2016: Yes bag is really my secondary travelling bag. Not bag for the size.

Adjustable premium quality black nylon and leather padded quick release shoulder strap

Uncle 2015: Ok…not bad

Uncle 2016: OMGGGG the leather padded S**T is the worse ever! (see photos below)
But for Shoulder strap, i give thumbs up. Now it becomes my multipurpose strap for any other bags. Just replace the strap from other bags and use. Damn tough i tell you.

Wraparound rivet reinforced carry handles with padded velcro grip

Uncle 2015: Okay…thanks…bye

Uncle 2016: Hmm, damaged my T Shirt.

Dimensions: 18″x 10″x 10″, a perfect carry on or weekend getaway

Uncle 2015: I’m going to carry it every single day. Let’s see if it’s perfect or not. Wait for part 2 of this review.

Uncle 2016: To be honest or to be fair?
Ok to be fair, it’s not a bad size.
To be honest, Weekend getaway is pushing it. You have toiletries, clothes, sometimes you have to prepare other things you need to use when you have opportunity, oops ahem. I mean emergency items like ration!

Emergency paracord zipper pulls

Uncle 2015: Better than metal zipper tags. Love!

Uncle 2016: This one good. They are good with small things. NB….

Military-grade clips

Uncle 2015: Love! But the front clip cuts into my ribs.

Uncle 2016: In the end this Military grade clips is the highlight of this bag. Strap and the clip. Very versatile. But i didn’t pay so much just for this mah….

Matted black on black logo

Uncle 2015: Not bad.

Uncle 2016: Another useless feature. Wordings fell out.

Inner pocket and outer pocket to store your phone, keys, wallet and other small essentials

Uncle 2015: Yes, Very useful!

Uncle 2016: Yes i agree with Uncle 2015, still very useful. Quite well done.
But why are they only good with the small stuff. NB.

*Tahan – means “Withstand” or “Tolerate” in Malay