We finally did it. My family unsubscribed from Starhub cable TV after being its customer for many years, back when it was knows as SCV.  And even with competitors like Mio, I would say Starhub gives better programs.

At the end of it all, my family stopped watching tv and the only thing I wanted to watch was football.  MyRepublic came in and I jumped on to Netflix and Hulu (Hulu doesn’t work anymore, you gotta use a VPN). The Starhub set top box sat there and became a dust collector.

Watching football was too pricey for me. Some might disagree, well good for you, you can afford it.

With the football season starting in August, the urge to get a gadget to watch football on TV started to hit me. Android TV boxes have been around for a long time but this is my first.

Introducing the ASTON TV X9

I spent the week exploring and downloading apps into this little bugger. If you search through Google, you’ll see a bunch of app recommendations.


SONG AH! Look at all the sports channels available!


Did a test on one of the channels and it didn’t disappoint.  Its between SD and HD but I’m not complaining. Streaming was smooth, some HD channels will meet some buffering.

But I feel that the biggest test would be during match day.

So while I was waiting for the weekend to come, I went to see what other apps my Aston TV has to offer.


There was this pre loaded app with LOADS of movies. Its way better than my Netflix subscription! The only bad point is that some of the audio output is really soft, so I had to jack up my speaker volume. And there isn’t any subtitles.  That’s why I need to increase the volume so I can hear what they are saying.


So match day LIVE, everything is smooth. Occasionally the connection drops so I leave the channel and connect again, no big deal. Sometimes I try another app to see how clear it can go.  Like I said, the quality can range from SD until in between SD and HD.  Its streaming after all so I really can’t complain.

My other half is constantly on the HK Drama app. Very good for those who like TVB dramas.

When streaming movies, sometimes it lags nearer the end of the movie. I have no idea why so if anyone can tell me just leave a comment.

It is not the perfect TV box, but I am not going to complain when it is cheaper than regular cable TV rates. There are 3 USB ports, I use 1 of the ports for my mouse for easy navigation. You can even connect a keyboard so you can search for your stuff by typing. The USB ports also give you the option to plug in memory and probably play your movies via the hard disk or USB Flash drive.

Overall I am VERY satisfied with my Aston TV X9.  I would give it a 4/5 stars until it starts to suck so bad and piss me off.