The iPhone 7 has been released and I can’t believe after so many years, a friend asked this question in a whatsapp chat group I was in.

“How is the android better than iOS?”

I can’t say that android is better, but I do know that android provides me with functions that I prefer over an iphone. The list is based on my own personal preference, I do no speak for the general public.


I like ONE widget and that’s the simple calendar widget. I like to unlock my phone and the calendar widget is the first thing I see.

If you like your schedule to be shown quick, then the simple calendar widget is for you.

However if having a schedule is not part of your habit then this widget is invalid.



I can adjust the size of the icons, I can control the amount of apps I want on my home page. Unwanted apps can be hidden away and it doesn’t add to the endless pages on the front page.

3rd Party Apps

With android, I can download apps that let me watch free movies, stream football and even asian drama for free. Installation of those apps are not complicated and I do not need to jailbreak or root my phone.



There is one particular shortcut that I like and its when I pull down the menu where I can see wifi, bluetooth of volume, doing a long press on those brings me to the settings page of that function.

There are things that do not matter to me : memory size, phone speed and camera.

The only thing that I enjoy better on an iOS is the user interface in general. Like how the apps move around more smooth, though some functionality can be improved.

And the only tempting thing about iPhone7 is the iPhone 7 Plus with its 2 lenses. Then I wouldn’t have to bring an extra camera for travels.

Otherwise I really can’t think of a really good reason to swap to iOS which doesn’t have what I want for daily use.

The question is not “how is android better the iOS”

Its “how do you want to use your phone?”