I watched Aldnoah.Zero some time back, it was another anime introduced to me by Uncle. I don’t actively search for stuff to watch so most of the shows are introduced by friends.

Aldnoah.Zero is a mecha anime and I’ll give a very very brief plot guide.


In 1969, man founded a gate to mars on the moon and people started to settle there. An empire was formed on mars and they found technology which they kept for themselves.

The empire declared war on Earth and in 1999 the war on the moon led to the destruction of the gate. The remaining martians (actually just humans with technology from mars) settled in orbital stations. Therefore a ceasefire was established.


15 years later in 2014, the princess of the empire visited Earth on a diplomatic mission. Her convoy was attacked and that was when the 37 clans of martians declared war on Earth. They charged down to Earth in their orbital stations and started their attack.

The protagonist, Inaho, is just a trainee but he defeated the nearest Orbital Knight with his brains.

If you’ve watched Gundam and seen how the main robot destroys all the enemy troopers, then this series is about the experience of those troopers. Unlike a typical mecha anime,  Inaho and friends are cannon fodder to the Martian mechas.

Every Martian mecha needs teamwork and strategy to take down.

The princess is actually still alive and she hangs out with the humans. Inaho gave CPR to her and inadvertently received the ability to activate the Aldnoah Drive. Now the humans have a warship with Martian technology. Buay pai.


Human stuck in Mars

In the middle of this war is a human who was stuck in Mars, Slaine. He is close to the princess and he’s pretty sad that she died in the assassination.

Eventually he backstabs his way to being knighted by the Martians and he gets to use a really good mecha against Inaho.

You see him go from a timid boy to a total nutcase through the 2 seasons.

Inaho nearly gets killed by Slaine and later on he has a robot eye to help him do more precise calculations during battle.

Plot twist!

It turns out that the real culprits for the assassination attempt was conducted by the Orbital Knights (Those martians stuck in orbit for the last 15 years). They were pretty much sick of getting stuck there and they just wanted a reason to attack Earth and end it once and for all.

The Earthlings also convinced a captured Orbital Knight to go back to his group and figure out for himself who was the real enemy.


The princess gets injured, Slaine keeps her in a room like a psycho while she heals up. The princess wakes up eventually to see that her sister is her body double and war is still going on. She quickly goes on air to declare the end of war.

Inaho kicks Slaine’s whiny ass in a 1 on 1 mecha battle. Slaine is spared from death and gets thrown into jail.

World peace.


Aldnoah.Zero is a pretty good anime, even though the start was kinda slow. It was cool to be in the shoes of cannon fodder.

Character development was good for the main characters, seeing how emotionless Inaho is and how Slaine goes psycho by the end of the show. They tried to show a little bit more of the others but honestly I didn’t feel anything for them.

The plot twist was really interesting but I felt that the second season was mainly on how creepy Slaine is with the princess.

If you can get past the earlier parts, the rest of the show is not bad.