Wife joined an intriguing 90 day food replacement / supplement regime.

I am writing basically to let people know that such a regime has been around for the longest time. But this particular program has some powerful track record to back itself up. I totally support such programs, but I wish to remind us that each individual is unique. There are some things to consider before jumping in and blindly following the regime.

So I thought why don’t I use this platform to do a 5-point sharing of what I understand and my take on Diet Programs in general.

Part 2 – Post on Meal Replacement and Supplements Post coming up
Part 3 – Post on Exercise Program coming up


My understanding of this program is that on Day 1 – to go Basic Military Training (BMT) on your body. Suddenly starve your body into diet. Now wife is going into food withdrawal symptoms.

Day 1
Breakfast – Sandwich; Cucumber and egg and wholemeal
Lunch -Fish soup (She switched to salad, corn, egg, veggies)
Dinner Time – She looked like she’s gonna faint. Boiled Vegetables and Meal replacement.

Day 2
Breakfast – Egg sandwich
Lunch – Yong Tau Foo Bee Hoon Soup with veggies
Feeling nauseous already, I went like

Dinner – Fish soup

1. Progressive Diet Plan

Best to give your body between 7-10 days of progressive cutting down of meal. This is imperative to condition your body on its upcoming dieting discipline.

Example: If you’re used to having heavy lunch and dinner. It is best for you to progressively eat less of the portion and then kicking in the healthy stuff. This is to let your body and mind know that you’re going on a diet program, get ready. The mind prep work makes a lot of difference cos it’s this conscientious effort and you are responsible for the decision, very empowering.

Some will say: “Yahhh, I am following the diet program isn’t it? That’s why I’m going through the suffering….Roll eyes….”
Yahhh…..But you’re not customising the program to at least fit you for 7 days.

Not convinced yet? Neh mind.
Let’s say you’re training for a 20km Half Marathon. Then on day 1 to day 10, do you challenge yourself to complete 20km? You don’t right? This brings me to my next point.

2. Don’t Shock Your Body

People with low discipline will suffer high chance of failure. Then all the guilt from giving up will start playing in the mind.

Set your expectations right.

Adjust your diet and eating habits according to your comfort level. No harm challenging yourself to push the limits. But once you feel sick, back down a notch or two, please.

I asked my wife this question. If you want smokers to quit, but you expect them to stop smoking cigarettes from Day 1, what do you get? A very sick person struggling to function for the rest of the week. That’s not the right way to do it. Wife nodded and agreed.

3. Eat right not eat less

I used to work in a female-dominated working environment.

They eat half a bowl of noodles or rice (or less than half) cos they say “on diet”, yet…within an hour, I see them wolfing down half a pack of potato chips. Before work ends, they snack on biscuits. So that’s what they meant by eating less.

Healthy Diet Program is about eating right instead of eating less.
I mean there are people who eat very little, their staples are junk food and there’s nothing healthy in their diet.

You see, people have perceived idea that their diet looks like this.

You see already, sure say, nothing wrong what…. Unfortunate it’s not.

Everyone of us belong to either A or B.

Regardless if you eat more (Upsized meal) or eat less….You’re either A – practising a healthy diet with junk food peppered throughout the day.
B – You practise a unhealthy diet with bits of nourishing food to curb or justify you’re still doing healthy eating.

I hear silence……whooooooo…..TRUTH.

Ok coming back to the topic. There’s nothing wrong with not being educated on a healthy diet.

Bottom line is: Don’t care if you’re eating loads or eating less. Curb the unhealthy food first!

***I advocate hawker food btw, (but if one eats satay or Fried Prawn Noodles and such everyday. He is a fool.)

4. Slay The Junk Food Demon

Well done, (Give a pat to yourself) and be prepared to slay the Junk food demons or angels. They are gonna get out of your life.
If you can start seeing progress on waning off those unhealthy, high salt, high sugar, processed food out of your life, you’re on your way to kick up a notch from BMT, because your body is equipped to fight the demons! Go grind and level up!

5. Empowered To Make Decisions

I need you to understand, our bodies have amazing abilities to adapt to extreme conditions. Say you’re a huge eater and suddenly go all spartan diet and endure with sheer determination for 15-30 days. Then someday you realise you eat small portion and is fine with it!

It can happen…but this can only happen when all conditions are met. And if you are in extreme circumstances.

No one should be deprived of the joy of eating. Even if you’re on a diet Program. Don’t see food as an enemy…it’s not.

Have the right perspective. Be empowered to look at the healthy food you’re eating and decide that it will help your body.

Carbs are your fuel….don’t starve your body.
Proteins are your energy to build muscles and give you beautiful skin.
Fibres are your power; it gives nutrients to your organs.

The more you acquire knowledge, the more you’re empowered.
May you enjoy your journey and reach the goal you desire.



Special credit to my Editor: Ah Mm (Thanks Ah Mm!)