The local craze over this milk tea plastered all over Facebook walls. So we all ask this 7-11 Just Drink Milk Tea is Simmi Lai eh?

Wife of Uncle calls herself a milk tea connoisseur. Her daily staple drink is Koi Milk Tea. She have been wanting to get hold of this thing for almost 2 month plus.

This Just Drink Milk Tea is a marketing tactic in Facebook. But not wanting to pour cold water on her enthusiasm. I just told her to get it and try. But i did warn her not to have high expectations.

During weekdays, she goes to 7-11 and ask for Just Drink Milk Tea every single morning at 8am. Dejected when told – it’s sold out. She jin emo. Tmd, how come this milk tea can make my Wife like that. Everyday got the disappointed look when I meet her for dinner. This poisonous thought of getting a desirable product is a very effective marketing strategy. The other brand that does “hunger” marketing was Xiaomi.

One fine morning, she walked into 7-11 and finally my wife got Just Drink Milk Tea and Latte! Woohoo! Bought 3 Milk Tea and 3 Latte.
She brought back one of each flavour for my review, can see she’s very excited.


My verdict for Just Drink Milk Tea, It tasted of 1 sachet BOH Tea and 3 tablespoon condensed milk, 1/2 UHT Milk, 1 teaspoon Creamer powder in 1 bottle. I didn’t want to say I can concoct this drink right to my wife’s face. So my answer to her – tasted normal.
She replied me, it is way below normal. So there goes my first taste of Just Drink Milk Tea.

The next day, I tried Just Drink Latte, alum sealed to authenticate the freshness. LOL.

My verdict for Just Drink Latte. Is Kopi and Nescafe creamer. That’s all.

After taking 2 mouthfuls of Latte, covered back, I finished the Milk Tea. This milky taste registered in my taste bud for the whole day. Not the good kind, the nausea kind. Oh, I got stomach upset and visited WC twice.

Btw, the most important part of this drink are the ingredients. It consist of salt. Uncle advise all to read the ingredients and content first before purchase.

Before I end, I wish to give you message about this product.
If you understand this image below, you will understand what you’ll be drinking. Looks are deceiving people.

Review on Just Drink Milk Tea: Simmi Lai Eh? Okay…thanks…Farewell Forever!

Update: I heard my wife’s colleagues are fans of Just Drink Milk Tea. That…is really personal taste. No wonder “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Very true indeed. There is no need to argue, you just go drink and come up with your own verdict.

Find a keyword to describe it. Cheers.

UPDATE: After Milk Tea Product Recalled. 
Actually i’m so glad that this post is out before the news announced for recall. So that Uncle won’t be called a Just Drink hater. I just say what i think, is called personal opinion.

There will surely be fans around. But i’m just saying this part for your sake. Don’t trust whatever you watch or read. Regardless of products. Not trying to discredit anyone, mai sensitive hor. If you think i’m talking about you. Then must you guilty lor.

Bezos my wife saw pictures of the thailand ice cream in Facebook and online vids. Blah blah…go BKK and try. Pui! Waste time waste money.


Preach it Hika Bi! This one must be my twin. Thinking same sia.


Simmi Lai – Simmi means what. Lai means come. When the two combines it is? You so clever, it means What Come.