You know the drill, you do a search and you look at the results.  Its always some website or blog telling you where to get supper or some bar to chill.  I am over all that and so let’s head back to reality, this isn’t really a guide on where to go, I am just sharing where I would go after midnights and it is definitely not some supper joint or a bar.

So let’s begin listing down 4 places I would REALISTICALLY go after midnight in Singapore with or without friends.

1. McDonald’s


It’s located at almost every neighbourhood. I said ALMOST and they are usually open 24hrs.  Hungry and feel like eating some swill? Head to McDonald’s. Some locations are decorated pretty nicely too, like the one at Jurong Central Park, the one at Queenstown or West Coast Park, they all give you an Al fresco feel as you are chomping down on your fries or McGangbang (Its a money saving special combination).

If burgers ain’t your thing, you might be lucky to have a McCafe attached to the main Mcdonald’s restaurant so your can get your dose of Tea Latte, Hot Chocolate or Cheese Cake.

Don’t forget, air conditioning is available. The Mcdonalds near my place even has football on TV. BOOM!

2. Kopitiams


Chinese Mcdonald’s. Plenty of them are open 24hrs also, some offering food to a certain time but luckily for me the kopitiam near my place has noodles and chicken rice 24hrs.  It is also the easiest place to meet up with Ah Pek, Uncle and 肥的, we just have to be careful not to offend the cleaning auntie, she’ll rip you a new asshole if you ask her to clean the table while she is busy.

The kopitiam that we go to has carrot cake, fish soup, noodles, economy rice / noodle available till after you fall asleep.  We don’t need to go far to have a chat, a drink and/or a meal.

Please do not mistake the kopitiams that I am talking about, with that franchise called “Kopitiam” when it is actually a food court selling more expensive food and has air conditioning rather than a true blue kopitiam you find in the housing estates.

No air-conditioning but cheaper than Mcdonald’s.

3. Beach / Parks


No point going to this place alone, you gotta have some sort of company. When you have a group of friends, just go to the nearest kopitiam and order your drinks to go. Meet at the park, maybe Changi or East Coast or West Coast, sit under a shed or at the stone seats and enjoy the sea breeze. Open your packets of drinks and talk about life.

Don’t camp there because you need a permit.  Besides you won’t be camping because you just feel like coming out after midnight.

The other parks you can go to is Labrador Park, Tanjong Rhu (not a park but you can chill by the water), Bedok Jetty, Bedok Reservoir, Punggol Park, Pandan Reservoir, feel free to add to this list.

An added bonus is that you get to see aircraft land or take off at Changi Beach and the sea breeze there gets crazy sometimes so you won’t find it too warm.

4. Changi Airport (Terminal 3)


My favourite place. 24hrs air conditioning and really peaceful when you go after midnight. Best timings would be 2am till 5am because it will be so quiet. Quite a few 24hr joints there, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Dunking Donuts on weekends.  Even Pastamania is 24hrs there. Toilets are definitely cleaner than all those listed above.

A big bonus for motorcyclists, after 10.30pm, parking is free till… I can’t remember, 6am I think. Enjoy the smooth Singapore expressway as you ride to the airport at that hour. No asshole drivers, no road hoggers, park your vehicle and be surrounded by air conditioning when you step into the shopping centre with airport attachment.

Do note that Starbucks at Changi Airport doesn’t accept the Starbucks card.  I found out that it is because their payment system is tagged onto Changi Airport. So bring your book or iPad and chill out at the airport, highly recommended especially if you ride.

Well, that’s my list of places I would realistically go. I don’t have to dress up, don’t have to burn a hole in my pocket, I get to socialise and I also get my peace depending on which location.

Or you can be like me most of the time, feel like going out but too lazy to go out so I end up just staying at home writing this article.