Kickstarter…heard of it? Well, the affair started in 2012 and “just to share” the first item that I funded.

A 3-Pocket Glasses Stand:

I guess the name itself already spell out what it is.Yup thanks! A stand that holds 3 pairs of glasses made of solid wood (Maple or Walnut). It is crafted from a single solid piece of hardwood using CNC machine with high accuracy in dimension.

I personally prefer maple (light wood), the grain structure and color of the wood naturally brings up its own DNA. Each stand comes with the option of a customizable label, as you can see from my initials (QQ). But of course, it also comes with the creator label – “bushankan” and “made in san francisco”.

The compartments are spacious which fits all sizes and styles, for those with 夸张 glasses or sunglasses, the bottom compartment shall do the job.

The stand costs US$150 and will revert back to retail price once it is successfully funded. Therefore one will have to take the risk and fund the potential one just like an investment.

Overall I would say the stand is solid and definitively stand out of it own. The bushakan website do carry other products like, 5 pocket Glasses Stand, iPhone / iPad docks etc.